How To Do Resistance Band Chest Exercises?

July 16, 2021

Resistance band chest exercises not only help to exercise the chest, but also help strengthen the upper back and shoulder joint back muscles. They can also be used as warm-ups. In this article, you'll learn how to use exercise elastic bands for chest exercises. How to practice using three different methods. And the number and number of groups for exercise per day, and when to do normally.

Purpose: to improve muscle strength, improve heart and lung function and reduce fat plastic;How To Do Resistance Band Chest Exercises

Strength: select the less difficult elastic belt; number of

Group: start 2-3 groups per set, gradually increased to 5-6 groups;

Interval: 1-2 minutes interval per group;

Frequency: 15-30 times per group, 4-5 times a week;  

Muscle: choose 3-4 parts per day, first practice large muscle groups and then practice small muscle groups, as far as possible systemic exercises;  

Suitability: muscle fatigue, acid swelling should be reduced, any pain is stopped.  


The advantages of doing resistance band chest exercises

1. Easy to take, can be trained at any time. Lightweight and fordable, it can be used as a strength training or warm-up tool for external training.

2. No inertia, no motivation, no force. The training works better.

3. You can imitate the daily training action, improve functionality.

4. No need to rely on gravity, can rotate freely. Resistance comes from stretching the elastic belt rather than the gravity of the earth, and training is freer and more diverse.  

Resistance band rowing

To start with your body maintaining integrity, feet left and right with shoulder width, hands straight on the front of the body, elastic belt around the column above the hands placed on the tension state. Resistance straps are fixed to the post in front of the body. And the elbows bend while pulling the elastic band with both hands until the elbows cross the center axis of the body, then slowly revert to the starting position. Keep your body stable.

Resistance band side lifting

To start with a posture that feet standing parallel, toes forward, arms naturally sagging, hands clasped elastic belt, elastic belt around the feet below the feet, elastic belt into a taut state, head up slightly chest. The elastic strap is fixed to the soles of the feet. Training method Keeps your arms straight and pulls slowly above the sides until your arms are straight and side-flat, then slowly reverts to the starting position. Note That When Pulling sideways with both arms. Do not shake your body from side to side and remains stable

Elastic belt flying

Fix two resistance straps to a more stable shelf (e.g. a power frame) and hold the ends of the two elastic bands with both hands. The feet stand staggered back and forth with shoulder width, arms extended but slightly bent, and hips slightly forward. Without changing the degree of arm bending, clip your chest inwards with both hands. Recovery is still slow, pay attention to control the rhythm.

Resistance band or belt is a favorite tool for most fitness enthusiasts, of course, it can effectively improve muscle strength, physical activity and flexibility. So find a resistance band that suits you and start working.




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