How to Clean Boxing Gloves

May 25, 2021

Boxing is a sport that sweats a lot. I believe many boxing enthusiasts are troubled by smelly boxing gloves. After I carefully sorted it out, in this article, let's talk about how to clean boxing gloves?


Ventilation is important and the first step is to eliminate the odor. The material of leather itself has a peculiar smell, and it is easy to breed bacteria, so the inside of the leather should be ventilated frequently. A commonly used method is to find a hair dryer and use the cold wind to dry your gloves every time you take off from it.

Antiseptic Spray to Clean the Odor

Put some leather shoe antiseptic spray or powder into your boxing gloves to reduce the smelly odor. In fact, leather gloves and leather shoes are the same things, so we can clean them in a same way. And, there is alsoHow to Clean Boxing Gloves no need to sterilize every day, every three to five or once a week is enough. Excessive cleaning can damage the gloves.

Disposable hand straps. Many boxers use clean disposable hand straps when they practice boxing. They are thrown away when they are used up, so that your boxing gloves will not get a chance to direct contact with sweat and produce odor. If you use a kind of non-disposable fabric hand strap, It is recommended to prepare one more pair, wash it and then change to a spare pair. The sour smell of sweat goes moldy inside the gloves are the most smelly and terrible. So, try not to let the hand straps get smelly.

Use Spices

Use spices to cover the odor, that is, you can usually use some spices to cover the smell. Many athletes use a spray that combines deodorization and sterilization. Afterwards, they will regularly spray perfume on the inside and surface of boxing gloves. As you know spray can leave the fragrance for a long time, and it will be fragrant after the hand training is pulled out of the gloves. You can also use artificial flavors that is just a few dollars. There is need to be too picky about perfume brands. Florida water is also okay.

Anyway, according to the above, dry, sterilize, then spray perfume is all what you need to do. Many friends spend dozens of dollars on a glove scent bag, which actually costs only a few dollars and is also used for leather shoes. 

Packing sawdust and tea leaves together is also an effective way, but it is not as effective as blowing dry and then pop perfume in. Some friends may cut the soap in half, hug and stuff it in. This is said to be okay. It is also a method but a little complex, all based on your own habits. There are also gloves that really get moldy easily. If the weather is overcast and humid, these toxins similar to white spots will grow. So, don't get them damp anyway.

Use Boxing Gloves with Straps, not with Velcro

And the first thing that gets moldy is the tying rope. It's best to take out the straps of the gloves and clean them. They are really dirty and sticky due to absorb too much sweat.




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