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Boxing gloves wholesale

Wavar provides premium quality boxing gloves. If you are looking for a boxing gloves supplier, then Wavar will be the one who will meet all your requirements. We are the leading brand in China who deeply recognized by all consumers, and all goods are produced and shipped here. 

We are boxing glove manufacturer. Wavar manufactures boxing gloves and boxing equipment for both retailers and boxing rings. We have advanced craftsmanship, seasoned sales teams to satisfy your demands. We are wholesale and sell boxing gloves in large quantity.

We accept boxing gloves wholesale and customized design boxing gloves, and also hope to build a business relationship with those who are finding a reliable partner. Contact us, and make the best decision together. 

Custom boxing gloves

Wavar provides customized services. We accept various customization --surface treatment, color, logo, signature, size, material, and many others. If you are looking for a manufacturer for boxing glove wholesale and  customization, here it is. Wavar has advanced design and production process that allows you to easily customize boxing gloves. As a professional boxing glove wholesale manufacturer, all aspects of gloves are completely controllable, and the following ranges can be customized according to your needs.

1.Customized surface: plain, matte, metallic, fluorescent surfaces can be offered.

2.Customized color:palm back, wrist back, thumb up, thumb down, stitches, laces, and many other places.

3.Pattern design: Based on your requirements. 

4.Logo and signature customization (palm back, wrist back, thumb up, thumb): these two can also be customized based on your requirements.

5.Customized material: PU, Leather, fabric; and inside material like polyurethane, horsehair, and many others.

6.Size: Based on your requirements.

Customization Boxing Gloves for Personal Brands and Boxing Teams

We are professional boxing gloves manufacturer who can customize gloves and provide some directions for you. The customized gloves with our customized logo, color or appearance that we provide for you will bring you a strong brand identity, great reputation and enhance team cohesiveness for professional boxing clubs and boxing teams.