Fitness Trends 2021

April 07, 2021

Based on the rising popularity of the new research, Chinese people have started to think of: what health is after the really disastrous year of 2020. So the 2021 fitness trends are born based on the special moment. Instead of heavy dieting to lose weight, we have started to focus a lot more on accepting living a more healthy lifestyle.

Yoga meditation:

The fitness needs for a silent and peaceful exercise. Restorative yoga, meditation, and recovery-concentric classes have become more consistent on class schedules. With life going faster and faster, it is nice to slow down with some guided meditation and focus. Wavar cork yoga mat is perfect for yoga meditation, the rounded yoga mat will just occupy your limited space but enhance your comfort. Buy Yoga mats.

Features of Wavar rounded cork yoga mat:

Eco-friendly material: Cork and rubber are all antibacterial, biodegradable.

Great traction: Excessive traction of cork and rubber assures your smooth movements without slipping even when you are doing a sweaty yoga session.

Advanced glue-free technology: Advanced glue-free technology is adopted to produce a seamless mat of cork and rubber material. So Wavar cork yoga mat is portable and fordable.

More space for creative yoga motions: Compared with the classical shape mat, a rounded yoga mat aims to give people more freedom to move around without re-positioning.

The benefits of Medication are tremendous. It can improve physical health, lower blood pressure, decrease muscular tension and pain. What is more, it can improve mental function, clear our minds, and enhance memory and concentration. Anyway, meditation is a better choice for girls.

Dumbbell Rows

Intense workouts seem to recapture fitness enthusiasts’ attention after a 5-month lockdown. Dumbbell rows, as one of the best strength training, are really versatile in use. They are good for muscle building of the arm and back. You can use different weights to match your muscle workout routines. Wavar high-quality adjustable dumbbells can give you an incredible experience. Buy dumbbells.

Fitness Trends 2021

Features of Wavar adjustable dumbbells

Adjustable Weight: Quick weight changes between 5 to 25 lbs with 5 lbs increment and simple push-pull design.

Versatile Application: allowing for swinging movements and flows. Multiple weight settings are suitable for performing all the basic body workouts at home.

Easy use and strong: With a push-pull rod & four plates, this compact design dumbbell is easy to store and use.

Anti-slip handle: Contoured cross texture provides stronger traction & grip control between palm and handle.

Solid: Our dumbbell set is made of concrete weight plates with obvious weight markings. Rubbery Protective Cover to prevent rust, corrosion protects floors and equipment from being damaged.

Dumbbell training has a lot of benefits. It is suitable for all levels of people. You can use a dumbbell to do some basic muscle workouts and professional training. They are helpful for people who live a sedentary lifestyle. Dumbbells rows as a fitness training trend we project this year is more convinced. Because its simplicity in use but provides an efficient way to muscle workouts.  


The fitness trends of workouts ways vary. The powerful internet also brings a significant effect to us. The number of people doing workouts online will continue to grow, and some people will see that as their routine forever. We can do exercise at home, in a gym, or just follow our workout routine online. Of course, there will be a huge proportion of people that loved their old routine, which means these fitness centers and gyms will of course bounce back after the epidemic.




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