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Fixed Barbell Wholesale Supplier

Wavar, as a fixed barbell manufacturer, provides customized barbell services for professional gyms. The barbell suppliers wholesale the following two fixed barbells. The main difference is the barbell, in order to better protect us from injury during training.

Wavar Fixed Barbell Supplier

1. Fixed Barbell Supplier

As the name implies, a fixed barbell is a barbell that has been fitted with a barbell plate and cannot be removed at will. They come in all sizes, and the rest are almost identical to the standard barbell.

2. The curved bar holds the barbell

Barbells have a curved grip, which reduces wrist discomfort and allows for a wide range of movements. Moreover, when the user uses it to do barbell bending, it can make the lateral biceps of the brachii receive more stimulation, and the exercise effect is better.l

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