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Wavar, as a fixed barbell manufacturer, provides barbell wholesale and barbell custom services for fitness equipment distributor, barbell retailers, barbell onlineshops and professional gyms. As the best barbells supplier, wavar wholesale many types of barbells, like exercise barbells, olympics barbell, weight barbell, women's barbell,  standard barbell, gym barbells and bars sets. 


Wavar Fixed Barbell Supplier

The barbell factory wholesale two fixed barbells. The main difference is the barbell, in order to better protect us from injury during training.

1. Fixed Barbell Supplier

As the name implies, a fixed barbell is a barbell that has been fitted with a barbell plate and cannot be removed at will. They come in all sizes, and the rest are almost identical to the standard barbell.

2. The curved bar holds the barbell

Barbells have a curved grip, which reduces wrist discomfort and allows for a wide range of movements. Moreover, when the user uses it to do barbell bending, it can make the lateral biceps of the brachii receive more stimulation, and the barbell exercise effect is better.

3. Folding Barbell Supplier

Folding barbells can be assembled and disassembled quickly and easily, and are designed to be easily folded and stored when not in use without taking up too much space.

What should be considered when wholesale barbells?

Brands and Reputation: 

Reputable barbells manufacturers or barbells distributors with a history of providing quality fitness barbell equipment.

Quality & Material:

Ensure the barbells are made from durable and high-quality materials, such as stainless steel or other robust alloys. Check for the barbell's overall construction, including welds, knurling, and finishing.

Weight Options:

Consider offering a variety of weight options to cater to different fitness levels and preferences. Ensure the accuracy of weight markings and adherence to industry standards.

Customization Options:

Assess whether the supplier offers customization options such as branding, color choices, or special features. Check if they can create custom sets or individualized barbells according to your specifications.

Safety & Compliance:

Verify that the barbells meet safety standards and comply with relevant regulations. Check for any certifications related to quality and safety in fitness equipment.

Minimum Order Quantity & Pricing:

Understand the supplier's MOQ requirements and ensure they align with your business needs. Negotiate pricing terms for bulk orders and inquire about any potential discounts for larger quantities.

Shipping & Logistics:

Clarify shipping costs, lead times, and logistics arrangements. Confirm whether the supplier can handle international shipping if necessary.

Testing & Samples:

Request samples or conduct testing to assess the quality and performance of the barbells. Ensure the supplier has quality control measures in place.


Consider the packaging of the barbells to prevent damage during transportation and enhance the product's presentation. By carefully considering these factors, you can select a reliable wholesale supplier that meets your business requirements and provides high-quality barbells for your customers.

Wavar - Your best barbell manufacturers to wholesale barbells

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