Chinese Jump Rope

July 02, 2021

There are many kinds of jumping ropes in China, which benefits that China is a factory serving the world and a manufacturing base that provides large-scale industrial products for the world market. So let's take a look at what are some of the most popular jumping products in China today?


Chinese Ropeless Jump Rope vs Long Rope Jump Rope

First, it can be divided into two categories, ropeless jumping rope and long rope jumping rope. Cordless jumping cannot train the coordination of the upper and lower limbs of the body. At the same time, the calorie consumption is not so large. In other words, the weight loss effect is average, but it is also good to skip exercise. Generally, there are many advanced rope jumping ropes, aluminum alloy bearings, and even the handles are all aluminum, which is good-looking and durable. The USB charging has a long battery life. Unfortunately, the handle has no load.Chinese Jump Rope


Common Materials in Chinese Market

Plastic Material

The most common, most durable, and cheapest one. The weight of the plastic material is moderate, the jumping speed is moderate, and it won't hurt too much when hitting the body. It is a bit loud when jumping up and hitting the ground. If you jump upstairs, it may affect the downstairs. Another disadvantage is that this kind of rope is easier to entangle than the other two materials. Every time it is stored, and then opened, you will find it entangled together.

Cow Skin Material

It is more textured, and the experience of this handle is also good. Compared with the general entry-level plastic handle, sometimes it may be too thick and it is more comfortable for people with small opponents. Because of the low density of the cowhide, it is a bit fluttering when is thrown, so the speed is slower than that of plastic and steel wire rope. It hits the body when it breaks, it does not hurt, and it is not easy to be entangled in storage. If you are afraid of pain and like textures, you can choose this cow skin rope.

Wire Rope:

The shape is more fashionable. Because the diameter of the steel wire is much thinner than the above materials, so the handle can be made thinner and easier to hold. The weight is light and the jumping speed is fast. Normally, if you use a plastic rope to jump 120/min, you will unconsciously change the steel rope to 140/min. The pain of a wire rope hitting the body is proportional to the diameter of the rope. Generally, a thinner wire rope has a lighter weight, so there is less pain than a plastic one. The speed is fast, the rope will be relatively less broken, and it is easier to jump up than plastic and cowhide. If you are already getting started, this type of rope is recommended. The disadvantage is that the wire rope will be covered with a layer of plastic film, which is easy to wear.


PU VS PVC Material

PU plastic has stronger wear resistance than PVC plastic. If you often jump on the concrete floor, it is recommended to buy a rope made of PU material. Relatively, the price of PU is more expensive. This is even more important for steel wire ropes. Wire ropes are generally smaller in diameter, 2.5mm, 4mm, and usually covered with a layer of PU/PVC plastic. At this time, it is recommended to buy PU-wrapped. It doesn't matter if the rope is not steel wire, after all, the diameter is so large that it is not easy to break it.




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