5 Barbell Press Movements for Upper Arms

February 06, 2021

5 Barbell Press Movements for Upper ArmsWhen it comes to barbell exercises, we always think of exercises like weightlifting. We can see someone in the gym, looking in the mirror for a few minutes every time he lifts, and then spending the next 90 minutes lifting. There's a better way to build up your strength, increase your heart rate, focus, and engage almost all the major muscles in only less than 20 minutes.


The following is a collection of all kinds of barbell movements, which is an excellent option for strengthening one's strength with the help of only a barbell and limited home space. Compared to other exercises such as deadlift and squat, this series of movements require no intervals and breaks. There is a transition between the movements, but of course, there is also a standard for the pursuit of the movements. This can lead to more stress while burning more calories. The set consists of the following five poses.


Action 1: Olympic Weightlifting


This move starts with the barbell on the ground and is similar to deadlift. The only difference is that you have to use the shoulder and arm strength to "grab" the bar and lift it up to your shoulders and move your hips forward after the bar is lifted up and. You may unconsciously lift your foot when exerting force, but make sure to return your feet to its original position and maintain balanced throughout.


Action 2: Front Squat Lift

Keep your torso straight as you press the barbell until fully standing up. This will help you avoid too much pressure on your wrists. The hardest part of this movement is going down, which requires a lot of lower limb strength. Therefore, you may choose some sneakers that are great for weight lifting.


Action 3: Shoulder Press-up

Use the force of your thighs to press the barbell upwards into the air. Lower the barbell down and make sure your body is straight and your elbows are stable on the way down until you can not see the bar. And you should not be able to see the bar when you press the bar overhead.


Action 4: Back Squat lift

Unlike the front squat lift, the upper torso should slightly lean forward during the back squat. You use more of your buttocks and legs than you do in the front squat lift. As the bar goes down, make sure your knees are open to the side and your feet are in the same direction with your knees. When it comes to controlling the barbell, use your back as much as possible and keep your back muscles tense throughout the movement.


Movement 5: The Back Shoulder Press-up

Unlike the traditional shoulder press, the barbell is positioned at the back of your neck. Keep the bar going up in a straight line and your head still as using your lower limbs to lift the bar into the air.

Overall, if you are a beginner, you should pay attention to the standard movements, if you are a seasoned athlete, you should pay attention to the movements where you should slightly pause.




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