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Battle Ropes Training with Protective Sleeve

Battle Ropes Training with Protective Sleeve


Item No.: W05307

Material: Polyester

Size: 25/38/50mm*9/12/15m

Color/Logo/Package: Customized Available 

OEM/ODM: Acceptable

The professional-grade WAVAR Training Battle Ropes are an excellent choice for gyms, sports facilities & home workouts.

The Wavar Battle Rope is a heavy-duty battle rope, suitable for indoor and outdoor areas - a great quality all around battle rope built for high-intensity training. Battle ropes give you an intense upper body and strength workout. 

50mm battle ropes

Wavar Training Battle Ropes – Available in three lengths: 9m, 12m & 15m, Available in three Thicknesses: 25mm, 38mm & 50mm.

This rope is made from a blend of polyester and polypropylene fibers twisted into a strong, yet soft to the touch rope. The vinyl handles soldered and stitched together to prevent fraying or shedding. Extremely durable, with high abrasion resistance and are very strong.

Premium gym ropes – choice of 38mm battle ropes or 50mm battle ropes.

Suitable for indoor & outdoor use – battle ropes are 100% water-resistant.

Heat shrunk plastic handles provide excellent grip & protect rope against fraying

Battle ropes allow you to develop upper body strength whilst burning fat.

It is recommended to use 15m x 50mm battle ropes, high-intensity HIIT training-very suitable for muscle building. The ropes of 50mm battle ropes are 35% larger and require greater and greater grip to maintain control of the battle ropes. and great for athletes that are trying to build strength and muscular endurance, as the ropes target every muscle group in the body. And also, definitely a great fat burner.

50mm battle ropes supplier, our 50mm battle ropes factory is in China, welcome to contact us to buy 50mm battle ropes wholesale, we support custom 50mm battle ropes, can be OEM, the price varies according to the quantity purchased, our 50mm battle ropes battle ropes are exported to the world Countries, quality assurance, contact us for prices.

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