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Steel Fractional Weight Plates

Item No: W02604
Material: Steel

Plate diameter: 105mm

Center hole diameter:50mm


Product Information



Item No: W02604

Origin: China
Color: white, blue, red, black, yellowOEM/ODM: Acceptable
Type: Strength/Weight TrainingLogo/Package: Customized Available
Weight options:  5kg, 2.5kg, 2.0kg, 1.5kg, 1.0kg, 0.75kg, 0.5kg, 0.25kg; 10lb, 5lb, 2.5lb, 1lb, 0.75lb, 0.5lb, 0.25lb


✔ Set of 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and 1 lb Fractional Weight Plates that fit any Olympic bar (8 total)
✔ Standard sized for 2¨ Olympic bars, 17.5" outer diameter. Increase weight in as little as 1/2 lb
✔ CONSTRUCTION – Made of solid cast iron and coated in black rubber to add a layer of protection for equipment and floors and safety for the user. Ground edges and center hole ensure a standardized product.
✔ VERSATILE – Weight plates can be used to perform muscle strengthening exercises and endurance training, and to increase flexibility and balance. A single weight plate can also be used for warm-up exercises.


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