PU+TPE Yoga Mat

Item No: W01111
Material: TPE (ECO TPE)+PU
Regular size: 183x61/66/80(cm), 173x61(cm)
Thickness: 4~ 12 (mm)



Product Information


Item No: W01111Color: Negotiable
Material: PU+TPEOrigin: China
Regular size: 183x61/66/80(cm), 173x61(cm) (Negotiable)Logo: Customized 
Thickness: 4~ 12 MM (Customized)Certification: EN71, 6P


Made of PU+TPE Material, this environment-friendly yoga mat is designed exclusively for very sweaty intense hot yoga sessions. The yoga mat features a textured sticky non-slip surface provided with excellent traction and superior grip and a stylish design to keep you motivated and focused. Better grip means you can get much more support from the mat during the hot yoga sessions.

■    PU+ TPE Outstanding Quality: TPE material has a greater density and provides better durability and tear resistance, which maintains the perfect resilience of yoga mats for cushioning and slip resistance. Long-term use will not be worn or broken. In addition, PU(Polyurethane), a special rubber known for its great non-slip ability, is another material used to reinforce the product's performance in slip-resistance, waterproof, crack-resistant, etc.

■    Eco-Friendly and Odorless: SGS certified and totally degradable and recyclable, it is the new standard for yoga mats.

■    Safe and toxic-free: No harmful smell, toxic-free, no other toxic chemicals, safe and environmental yoga mat for all of us.

■    Large size & Lightweight: Multiple sizes are available to choose from. This yoga mat is lighter than traditional yoga mats.

■    Stay perfectly aligned: The central line design serves as a guide to keep yourself in proper position and perfect your poses.

■    Made for everybody: Suitable for exercise enthusiasts of all levels from starters to professionals, from kids to adults.

About Yoga Mat(FAQ): 

【Use and Maintenance of Yoga Mats】

Each time you practice yoga on a mat, clean it with a baby wipe, a specialized yoga-mat towel, or a piece of cloth dipped in mild soap. Once dry, roll it up and start your yoga session. This way it not only keeps the mat clean, sweat-free, dust-free and oil-free, but also extends its useful life. For more specific information about Yoga mats maintenance, please refer to "How to clean yoga mats".

【What you can do on a yoga mat?】

Generally, most of the common home exercises are viable to be conducted on yoga mat such as core exercise, yoga, pilates, planks, push up, Barre, etc.

【How to pick a yoga mat for yourself?】

There are 3 Things to Consider when choosing the yoga mat for yourself. Thickness:A 1/4-inch(0.635cm) yoga mat is considered thick and suitable for practicing multiple balance postures, core workout, inversion, and other challenging posture that need your bones to push against the ground, and finally to bring you an impressive yoga training experience. Material: The material of a mat will primarily determine the grip, cushioning effect, eco-friendliness. Most yoga mats are made of TPE, vinyl or rubber. TPE is a non-toxic environmental material. Rubber mats basically have jute and cotton in them that make them more eco-friendly and won’t slide around during your yoga session. Texture: The mat's texture will offer the amount of friction it has. If you sweat a lot in yoga class, a mat with great slip resistance will keep you from moving around.