Jewline Trainer Supplier

As the leading jewline trainer manufacturer in China, we supply Jaw trainerfacial muscle exerciserfacial jaw line chewersilicone massetermasseter ballsilicone chewing exerciser, ect.

The conventional packaging is pearlescent bag packaging, and accessories such as boxes, lanyards, and adhesive strips are also provided.

Support customization of color, logo, hardness, etc.

Welcome to contact us for bulk order or customization.


Advantages of Our Products:

■  Food grade silicone, BPA free, moderate hardness, no peculiar smell

■  Jawline exerciser can be sterilized by high temperature and can withstand high temperature of 230℃

■  Jawline exerciser can effectively train the contour of the face. Designed according to the shape of the human mouth, just the right size, suitable for both men and women

■  design innovation, 2nd Generation, 4th Generation, 6th Generation, 7th Generation, 8th Generation

■  Activates 57+ facial muscles; Train the masseter muscles (to enhance the jawline), mandibular muscles (to eliminate double chins), and temporalis muscles (to plump the temples); Improvement and problem solving include: the face is too fat, the face has no contours, the facial muscles are sore, the double chin, the face is sagging, and the facial muscles are loose, ect.



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