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As one of the leading dumbbell barbell manufacturers in China, our dumbbell and barbell sets are well received by customers at home and abroad. 

Wavar provides many kinds of dumbbell and barbell sets for your choice, including adjustable dumbbell barbell 2 in 1, adjustable dumbbell barbell set, weighted barbell set, adjustable barbell dumbbell set, best-home barbell set, commercial dumbbell set, multifunctional dumbbell set, etc. As a dumbbell barbell manufacturer, Wavar will provide you best dumbbell sets with wholesale price, and we have multi-channel Upstream professional supply chains for all weightlifting needs. Welcome to custom barbell and dumbbell sets for your dumbbell business!


Multifunctional Iron Cast Paint Dumbbell Barbell Kit for Home Gyms

       Want to use the least-effort method for fitness? Then you must not miss this adjustable dumbbell barbell set! This box is very simple and easy to use. You only need to move your hands to complete the weight adjustment. You don't need to buy a bunch of dumbbells or barbells of different specifications, which really achieves the purpose of saving space and cost. It's also made of durable materials to ensure you don't miss important training moments, and the kit comes with a variety of weight scales to make your fitness program smarter and more diverse. It looks amazing! Give it a try and you'll find that the Adjustable Dumbbell Barbell Set is the perfect companion on your fitness path.

        We also provide customized services for the production of full-category and full-material dumbbell barbell products, including: adjustable dumbbellssteel dumbbells, colorful lady dumbbells, encased dumbbells (rubber, pu, cpu, tpu, pev dumbbells) and Fixed Barbell, ect.

         If you need to bulk order other dumbbell barbells or sets, feel free to contact us. The professional dumbbell supply chain from many provinces in China will provide you with a solid backing.



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