Yoga Mats of Various Sizes Shapes and Thickness

February 24, 2021

Yoga Mats of Various Sizes Shapes and ThicknessAlong with the popularity of yoga, various yoga gears come out and get welcomed by the general public. Yoga accessories may include but not limited to resistance bands, yoga apparel, foam rollers, foam bricks and more, among which yoga mats along sell more than 10 billion dollars in the year past. Hence, it may be surprising that the yoga mat is best selling yoga gear in recent years.


1. Eco-friendly


Eco-friendly not only means the yoga mat is made of degradable and recyclable materials such as natural jute, rubber or other natural or synthetic material, but it also ensures the product is totally nontoxic, safe and odor-free. Nowadays, more and more people would like to have an environmental life circumstance, which leads to a more strict and rigorous requirement for yoga mat raw material and processing technique. Therefore, eco-friendly yoga mats will continue to play an important role in the field of the yoga gear business.


2. Textured


Yoga mats with texture provide easy grip and more supports, which allows yogis to perform difficult or high-intensity postures while keeping the overall body balanced. Textured yoga mats

may be made of PVC, rubber, TPE, NBR, etc. In addition, some yoga mats come with alignment lines that help to keep you in correct posture.


3. Extra-Thick


The extra-Thick yoga mat is known for its high density and intensity, which ensures that it lasts long and not easy to lose shape. More importantly, the extra-thick padding supports your body and protects the heels, elbows, palms and joints from getting sore or strained. It is ideal and perfect for elders, individuals who have been suffering from chronic physical pain and those who have just recovered from injury.


4. Portable & Lightweight


To increase portability, most yoga mats come with a carrying strap for easy travel. Besides, some yoga mats are made of lightweight material and soft enough to fold or roll up to slip into your backpack or suitcase, which allows for easy yoga sessions anywhere and anytime you like.


5. Reversible


Dual-sided yoga mats become more and more popular with yoga enthusiasts because it allows to perform different types of movements and saves time and money. Usually, double sides yoga mats have a textured top providing easy grip and a sticky bottom offering superior traction.



6. Natural Material


Natural materials include but not limited to rubber, jute, foamed cotton, woven grass fibers and cork bark. Natural yoga mats still play an important role in the yoga mat industry not only because they are biodegradable and recyclable with low waste impact, but also because they provide a unique and remarkable using experience than synthetic yoga mats. However, they are more likely to wear or fray than synthetic or hybrid options.


Picking up a yoga mat that is right for you can make your yoga journey more enjoyable and fantastic. It is vital to make sure the yoga mat you are on perfectly fit for you instead of working on a slippery or rug cushion or mat that could lead to serious injury.