Yoga Mat Printing Method: Screen Printing VS UV Printing

May 27, 2022

Many of Wavar's yoga mats are printed with exquisite patterns, making the monochrome mats more dynamic and unique, thus bringing wonderful psychological adjustment and sensory experience to yoga lovers during their workouts.

A large number of customers have emailed or called us with the following questions: How are these patterns made? In fact, these elegant and delicate patterns are obtained by UV printing (ultraviolet printing). The UV printing process of yoga mat and several related knowledge of the technology are described in detail below.

Read on, as we discuss everything you should know about printed yoga mats.

Perhaps the most important thing for printing a yoga mat is the way the graphics are placed on the mat. The most common methods are screen printing and digital printing.

Screen printing is the most common way to put any graphic on a yoga mat because it's fast and very affordable. For effective screen printing, you only need the graphics you want to place on the mat. Once you have the yoga mat and graphics, you can transfer the graphics onto the yoga mat. Screen printing is a method of transferring graphics onto yoga mats using high temperatures. This is a very quick way to create a printed yoga mat, but you will be limited as it is not suitable for creating detailed visual effects. If you want to save money while putting a logo or small text on your yoga mat, screen printing may be your best choice.


Digital printing is definitely an option for those who want to learn more details and create beautiful and detailed yoga mats. Using this method, you can print the desired graphics directly on the surface of the yoga mat using a powerful printer. This method is more expensive, but the end product is much better and more vivid. Choosing the right printing method depends largely on your goals. If you want to promote your brand or business, then screen printing is probably the best way to do it. But if you want to build your company into a creative and lively producer of printed yoga MATS, then you should seriously consider investing more money in digital printed yoga mats.

Yoga Mat Printing Method: Screen Printing VS UV Printing




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