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Yoga Ball Exercises

May 13, 2021

Yoga balls are good tools to boost body fitness. Yoga ball exercises can help us improve joint flexibility, muscle strength, and balance ability. So, how to do yoga ball exercises? In this article, we will introduce some yoga ball exercises you can do to solid your back, abs, hip, arms, and improve your sense of balance and stability. 

Yoga Ball with Strap

Yoga Ball Back Exercise

This exercise is great for back muscle build-up and tension release. Let start this simple exercise!

To start, sit on the yoga ball;

Slowly Lean the upper body forward as legs split to sides;

Let your palms touch the floor with a straight and tight back throughout;

Return to the starting position and repeat for 12 reps 3 sets;

Yoga Ball Hip Exercise

This exercise is a little tricky because you need to place your foot on an unstable yoga ball and keep the stability, it not only focuses on your hip muscle but train your balance. Let us look at the steps.

Lie down on a yoga mat, place the yoga ball in front of your feet, arms on body side;

Place one feet on the ball, let this leg curl in a comfortable way and more easy to keep stable;

The other feet stretch upward, lift part of your back;

Try to keep balance, and keep this post for 20 to 30 seconds;

Back to the start position and repeat for 12reps, 3sets;

Yoga Ball Ab and Arms Exercise

This exercise is the same with plank, but a yoga ball engagement levels up the difficulty significantly. To do this exercise, you need to have a balancing fundamentals.

Place a yoga ball in front of your feet;

Do a plank position. Place your feet on the yoga ball. Please note to keep a straight back and spine throughout the movement;

Keep this position for 30 seconds, then have a rest and have 2rreps;

Side Stretch with Yoga Ball

This posture will help you release muscle tension from the ribs, obliques, Serratus Anterior and so forth. This is a simple and basic one.

Lie down on your left side over the yoga ball;

Hold up your body with left hand while extend your right arm forward;

Keep this pose for 30 seconds and repeat on the other side;

Before doing all these exercises, you have to have a yoga ball that fits you perfectly. So choosing a right yoga ball size, your height, weight, arm length are all taken into consideration. Wavar is a specialized fitness products supplier. We have all sizes and can also give you the suitable one depended on your requirements.

In conclusion, for those girls who like indoor activities, a yoga ball is a nice alternative and will save much house space. The soft and formless ball will challenge your every part of muscle in your body. So do not look down upon it. One thing you need to be aware is that some positions are really unstable, so, be sure to do it in a wide space.