Yoga Ball Ab Workout

June 22, 2021

The yoga ball is a useful tool for practicing abdominal muscles. The increase in training intensity depends on the soft and round properties of the yoga ball, which increases the instability of the support. When training with a yoga ball, in order to maintain stability and balance, the body will not let the yoga ball run slantingly or in order to complete standard movements, it will use more and deeper muscles to complete the coordination. Among them, the most intense is the core muscle group-the abdominal muscles, because they take on the primary task of stabilizing the body.

The difficulty of the following actions ranges from easy to difficult, so don’t force it if you can’t proceed in the process of trying. It is best to choose an area with no people and open ground to keep the surface of the yoga ball dry to prevent sweat from making the ball surface slippery, which is very dangerous. You can also place a yoga mat under the yoga ball to increase ground friction and prevent the ball from running away unevenly. In short, safety comes first.


Plank support variant one

Action essentials:

a. The initial action is in the form of plank support, placing the forearm on the ball.

b. The arms and torso form a 90-degree angle, and the body forms a straight line.光面经纬纹瑜伽球W01209主图10_副本.jpg


Plank support variant two

Action essentials:

a. The upper body is in the form of plank support, and the feet are placed on the yoga ball.

b. Slowly straighten the calf until it is fully extended. The body is in a straight line.

c. Be careful not to arch your back and buttocks.

Plank support variant three

Action essentials:

a. Put your legs on the yoga ball and put your body in a push-up position.

b. Use core strength to maintain body balance.

Plank support with foot touch

Action essentials:

a. In a push-up position, place your calves and feet on a yoga ball. Keep your body in a straight line.

b. Slowly take your left leg off the yoga ball and touch the ground down. Then return to the starting position. Repeat on the other side.


Yoga ball squats

Action essentials:

a. Tuck your abdomen, straighten your chest, put the exercise ball on your lower back (where the lumbar spine is bent) against the wall, and tilt your body slightly.

B. Place your arms at your sides, and your legs should be shoulder-width apart. Keep your upper body vertical, inhale and squat slowly, so that your thighs and calves are at 90 degrees, taking care that your knees do not exceed your toes; at the same time, raise your arms parallel, taking care not to be higher than your shoulders. At this time, the scapula should fit perfectly with the exercise ball. According to your own, after holding for 6 to 12 seconds, exhale and return to the initial action. Repeat 10-12 times.


Abdominal stretch

Action essentials:

a. Sit on a yoga ball. Keep your feet forward and sink your hips so that your waist is fully in contact with the yoga ball.

b. Lie down comfortably and stretch your arms. Bend the knee 90 degrees till you feel the back pain stop.


In everyone's cognition, yoga balls seem to be related to yoga, Pilates, and pregnant women's exercises. Through practice, you will find that yoga ball abdominal muscle exercises are far more difficult than you think.

Finally, I wish you a pleasant exercise.




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