Workouts that Help You Stay away from Hip Pain

March 01, 2021

Chronic pain has been a major and serious problem for sedentary jobs where individuals tend to keep a long time sitting in front of a computer at work. Chronic pain means there is an injury or irritation at a site resulting from a long-time habit. Hip pain is one of the most common chronic pain and generally refers to the pain in or near the hip joint. Hip pain may be caused by certain conditions, strain or other injuries rendered during workout programs.


To better understand how hip pain occurs, next, we are going to talk about the mechanism of injury, the major causes of pain. 

Workouts that Help You Stay away from Hip Pain1. Chronic Sitting


Studies suggest that Individuals sit an average of 10-13 hours a day, which is more likely to lead to an imbalance in hip muscles and joints. Chronic inactivity would keep the hip rotators elongated and the hip extensor relaxed in a shortened position. What's worse is that it might also reduce the flexibility of hip muscle tissues and the mobility and hip joint, which ensures smooth and coherent movements of daily living. Hence, it becomes easy to tear or fracture over time. Besides, the stiffness and rigidity of the hip muscle tissues may incur more rubbing against ligaments and bones.


2. Certain Injuries or Chronic Conditions


Arthritis is the most common reason for long-term hip pain. The obvious symptom of arthritis is rigid and fragile joints with chronic pain. Over time, it may lead to difficulty in waking for individuals. Furthermore, another most common cause of severe hip pain is the inflamed tendons, which is caused by imbalanced or over-exercises and always comes with great pain that would release itself in a few days.


3. Hip fractures


As age, many have encountered bone loss, which is the primary reason why hip fracture happens so frequently among older adults and the elders. Surgeries are often needed for individuals with hip fractures not only due to the acute impossible pain but also because it may come with serious complications.


How to Alleviate Hip Pain through exercises


As mentioned above, the flexibility of hip muscles and mobility of hip joints are the two determinant factors of an individual's daily performance. Therefore, in order to improve hip performance and relieve hip pain, we set up a home workout plan, which is ideal for offsetting the chronic inactivity of individuals due to a variety of reasons.


Hourly: Perform 20 chair sits to move your hip extensor and relax your glutes

Everyday: Standing stretch or stretch on a yoga mat if possible for 2 minutes once a day.


It should be noted that for individuals who used to sit for more than 80 hours a week, more moves are needed. Besides, stretching is not the only way to relax your hip muscles. A step board also works well for engaging hip muscles and release hip pain while minimal home space is needed. Medicine ball moves the hips in more planes of motion, which is definitely a perfect way to alleviate still hip joint.






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