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Why strength training is necessary for weight loss

November 16, 2020


We always say a weight-loss plan does not have to be aerobic but it has to be strength training involved. That way you are not only going to have a huge weight loss, but also get into a perfect shape. So why it is so necessary and essential to take strength training for losing weight. We are going to talk about it today. Strength training is like a energy-Consumption monster or magic weapon for burning fat.

 Why strength training is necessary for weight loss1. The intensity of strength training determines how fast it burns calories.

The high intensity of strength training requires our body to motivate and engage fast muscle (the type-2 muscle fibers) into the exercise, and the mobilization and involvement of fast muscle are consuming a larger number of energy than slow muscle (type 1 muscle fibers) does during aerobic training. Such a high-intensity and high energy-consumption exercise mean you are going to save a lot of time in your training session, but with a more effective weight-loss performance.


2. Continuous oxygen consumption for post-training

"Continuous oxygen consumption for post-training" maybe a little bit complicated to understand. Generally speaking, the high-intensity training will effectively mobilize and strengthen the energy consumption of your body so that a high speed of energy consumption will be maintained for a period of time even after exercise.

Besides, researches suggest that the calories burned 16 hours after strength training is still 33% more than the aerobic exercise performed during the same period of time, which is equivalent to additional 75 kilocalorie burned.

More than that, other researches suggest that this continuous oxygen-consumption state could last as long as 36 hours after strength training, which is significant for people with a fast pace of life. The most exciting thing about this is that 80% of calories burned comes from the fat stored in our body, which means you are still having your weight lost even if sitting on sofa watching TV after exercise.


3. Strength training can help build up muscles

It is always said that muscle-building and burning fat is necessary for losing weight, so muscle-building is an essential part that can not be divided from the weight-loss program. Furthermore, muscle growth can also help our body speed up metabolism, and get into good physical condition with a low tendency to gain weight.

Since muscle plays an important role in weight loss, how can we build up muscle? The answer is strength training. Researches suggest that strength training will send the brain a signal that more muscles are needed to support the movements of the body. Thus, the brain will give orders to body tissues and cells to build up more muscles. This way we will keep our body in a good physical condition for muscle-building and fat-burning. Compared to low-intensity aerobic training, which is completely incapable of getting the brain motivated to send the orders, the fast muscle will not be effectively mobilized and engaged, some parts of the muscles may even degrade and disappear.


Above all, aerobic training is not an efficient way to lose weight but it is also good for you in many aspects such as improving endurance, heart wellness, etc. Therefore, strength training incorporated with aerobic training may be a better way for fitness training.

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