Why is barbell so popular in physical training Part One

January 19, 2021

No matter what sport you have been engaged with and what country you are in, barbell training has been a necessary training program for all age groups and all levels. PJ Vazel (2012) conducted a statistical survey on the training methods of the world's top female 100-meter athletes and found that although these athletes were in different countries, the most commonly used training methods generally include barbell squat, barbell deadlift, barbell snatch and other barbell exercises.


Barbells are subsidiary tools that can be used to strengthen the development of muscle groups in the shoulders, back, biceps and chest. Using barbells for local toning and exercise can effectively increase the muscle, sculpt the body line, and strengthen the core strength. You can also stretch your body during training to increase bone density and improve your overall coordination as you increase your weight and move your body up and down. In addition, some trainers have loose arm and back muscles. Keeping up to barbell training can bring you back in shape again. More than that, barbell training is also good for muscle relaxation and relief.

 Why is barbell so popular in physical training?cid=3So, why barbell exercise is so important and popular all over the world? Here below are some reasons for that.


1. Barbell training is the major means to develop lower limb strength and explosive power

Among all kinds of strength training methods, barbell exercises are always recommended by various authoritative training institutions and well-known coaches. Squat exercises, for example, are believed to be effective in developing lower body absolute strength while high flips and snatches are believed to be one of the best ways to develop lower body explosive power. Therefore, how come barbell become so important for strength training? The main reason is all about the speed of barbell movements. The force-time curve tells us that specific muscle capacity can be developed at a specific rate of contraction. When muscles contracts for less than 0.2 seconds, it mainly develops its rate of force development (RFD), namely explosive force. Muscle contraction that takes longer than 0.2 seconds are better at developing muscle strength. The snatch, high roll and other exercises are ideal for stimulating muscles to contract fast. On the other hand, squat is composed of a series of slow moves, but its movement structure can effectively stimulate the lower body gluteus and quadriceps, which makes the squat a better means to develop lower extremity strength.


2. Barbell training is an important structural exercise

Structural exercise generally refers to exercises involving multiple joints that exert force vertically on the spine and hip joints. Related studies suggest that structural exercises can promote the involvement of multiple muscle groups in contraction and improve bone density. Barbell exercise is a classic structural exercise. Whether squat, hard pull, or high flip, or snatch, it is helpful to improve the body's load-bearing capacity and lower limb strength in the process of developing strength or explosive force. And the improvement of lower limb strength is crucial to athletic performance.