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Wholesale Foam Roller - Guide For 10 Frequently Asked Questions

September 23, 2021


This is the most comprehensive FAQ guide to the wholesale foam roller.

In this FAQ guide, you will get answers to all the questions that come into mind before wholesale buying a commercial foam roller.


1. Types of foam rollers.

Smooth Foam Rollers

A smooth foam roller comes with a smooth and dense outer surface. These foam rollers are ideal for those who are new to foam rolling as the pressure is not as intense.

Smooth Foam Rollers

Bumpy/Textured Foam Rollers

Bumpy foam rollers offer texture designing to provide immediate healing for trigger points and knots.

They significantly assist in providing consistent intensity into highly sensitive areas.

EVA Foam Rollers

The Rumble Rollers

It is a tremendous textured foam roller that. The roller bumps are flexible and firm, similar to the fingers of a masseuse.

Due to its unique design, it glides over bones effortlessly and can target deep-seated muscle pain intelligently.

The Rumble Rollers

Foam Massage Sticks

Foam-covered massage sticks are portable devices that let.

They can actually be used to deep massage the upper back or legs.

2. Density of foam roller.

Foam rollers are classified as being soft (Low-density), standard (medium density) and firm (High-density).

Low-density Foam Rollers

Low-density foam rollers are the lightest ones that will give you a soothing feel when you sit on them. which means they have the best cushioning ability.

Low-density Foam Rollers

Medium-density Foam Rollers

Medium-density rollers strike a good balance between massage depth and cushioning.

Medium-density Foam Rollers

High-density Foam Rollers

These are the most rigid foam rollers that offer intense and concentrated myofascial release. And you will feel a stiff feeling when you sit on them.

If you need the ultimate intense tissue massage, high-density rollers are the way to go. These firm rollers can loosen up stiff muscles by massaging deep tissue, often helpful for hardcore exercisers and athletes.

High-density Foam Rollers

3. What can buying foam rollers in bulk bring you?

■ Buying in bulk is almost always cheaper per unit.

■ You get rid of high shipping and transportation worries.

■ You are rest assured about the quality of products you receive.

■ Buying foam rollers in wholesale is also environment friendly as you are effectively using less packaging.

■ Buying in bulk also saves time. You don’t need to frequently order your desired roller.

foam rollers in bulk

4. Things to pay attention to when buying wholesale foam rollers?

■ Density: Firm-density foam rollers are usually used in the gyms for deep massage and soothe sensitive areas of the body.

■ Surface texture: Surface structure is as necessary as density. Please pay attention to your customer needs.

■ Type or Shape: Foam rollers are available in a range of shapes. Before buying foam rollers in bulk, Please pay attention to your customer needs.

■ Size: Foam rollers are also available in many different00 sizes. Standard size (6’’x36’’) is the most popular.

■ Features: Don’t forget to check out the numerous features the product is offering. Usually branded foam rollers provide some unique features than the non-branded ones.

■ Specs: Before placing the order in bulk, check out the specs twice to be sure that you are getting the right product with the right specifications.

■ Quality: One of the most important things to consider. Always prefer quality over quantity. There are many low-quality foam rollers available that may offer lesser prices. So be aware!

■ Product reviews: Whenever you decide to buy foam roller in bulk, it’s also wise that you check out what customers are saying for that particular item. This can change your initial thoughts. Always go with the most positive reviews!

■ Ratings: Product ratings usually describe the evaluation through stars or points. Same as product reviews, it’s a quick way to check what product is most trustable.

■ Manufacturer’s warranty: Almost all reputed vendors and suppliers usually provide warranty for the product. So, it’s also good to check out how much warranty you will get before going to order in bulk.

5. What different lengths are available for commercial foam rollers?

Standard size (6’’×36’’)

Half size (6’’×18’’)

What different lengths are available for commercial foam rollers?

6. What are the material types of commercial foam rollers?

Polyethylene (PE) Rollers

If you’re still new to buying foam rollers, these can be a good choice for the time being. Available in a range of lengths and diameters, PE rollers often have shorter lives than harder materials, getting flat or looking squished after some use. An advantage of such rollers is that their softness causes them to bear the weight of beginners or heavy people without much reactionary force for a more comfortable roll.

Being thermoplastic, polyethylene is eco-friendly as well. It can be recycled and does not leave any byproducts upon being burned either. While there are many kinds of polyethylene, the one used to make foam rollers is often more dense. The higher strength and stiffness means that you’ll require a hardy medium to make rolling possible on it. An important thing to note is that PE foam rollers continue to become softer with each use.

Polyethylene (PE) Rollers

Expanded polypropylene (EPP) Rollers

High density expanded polypropylene,High-density Foam Roller material, not easy to deform and more durable, provide moderate massage, suitable for long-time yoga or Foam Roller exercises in gym, EPP Foam Roller will provide solid support. Specifically Designed for moderate and heavy duty yoga exercises.

EPP rollers are modern products with better resistance to wear and higher firmness and density. While they have excellent durability, they might feel very stiff to some people. Although they may not offer the superior durability of EVA, they’re made to last a lot longer than polyethylene foam.

Expanded polypropylene (EPP) Rollers

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)

The standard material for Foam Roller manufacturing is the excellent shock-absorbing material, lightweight, wear-resistant with a long service life. EVA Foam Roller has a very slight sponge feeling, which is very suitable for beginners who just get into the field and people who do not need solid Foam Roller.

EVA could be your best choice for foam rollers due to its soft, elastic, and rubber-like nature.

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)

7. What is the most widely used commercial foam roller?

EPP/EVA Foam rollers because they are the best choice for most yoga practitioners.

For foam roller newbies, EPP/EVA foam rollers are the way to go. These tend to maintain a balanced pressure throughout the area being massaged. This way, the impact is not as powerful as that with textured rollers, making them suitable for first-timers to see if they can handle this much pressure before moving on to textured rollers.

8. Is it possible to get custom foam rollers?

Foam Roller products can be customized according to different requirements, including logo, size, packaging, hardness, shape, color, etc.

Meet all your needs.

9. What are the advantages of importing foam rollers in bulk from China?

China is the biggest foam roller manufacturer in the world. China is also one of the biggest foam roller suppliers that provide bulk foam rollers to other countries.

Since china is the biggest foam roller manufacturer and supplier, you will get some great benefits when you purchase from China such as:

■ Lowest prices

■ Best quality products

■ Ultimate variety

■ Easy-to-read instructions

■ Product guarantee

■ And more!

10 Why choose Wavar Foam roller wholesaler?

■ Meet your needs between price, quality, and brand.

■ Can bear long-term usage for your gym.

■ Provide heavy duty foam roller with top commercial quality.

■ Designed to be sturdy with durable frame.

■ Equipped with premium quality material.

■ Uniquely low-maintenance accessory.

■ Design the foam roller ergonomically for comfort and safety.

Final words - trying to cooperate with us is the first step in achieving your profit growth.

We wholesale Foam Roller and provide you with a variety of options of economical Foam Rollers, The quality of the foam rollers we supply is excellent, made of sturdy materials, can be used for a long time, quality guaranteed.

China professional Foam Roller manufacturers and suppliers, here we wholesale Foam Rollers, wholesale Foam Roller with discounts.

If anything is still questionable, you can consult with us.

Either way, contact us to get a quick quote today.

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