Where to find PCR products--supplier recommendation

December 18, 2021

Where to find PCR products--supplier recommendation

Facing with severe climate change globally, countries are intensifying regulations to reduce their carbon emissions and wastes. In accordance with the guideline of environmental protection, many buyers and procurement officers are sourcing for PCR products. PCR is the abbreviation of post consumer recycling, which means to reuse the used plastics for production. The products will be called recyclable products. If you are looking for some recycled fitness products, then you are right here. Wavar is the most appropriate supplier who can provide you with ECO friendly and PCR fitness products. The products including yoga mats, steppers, and everything that made by PVC, PE, ABS, etc.. We will be committed to providing high quality and recycled products, and working hard to protect our mother planet with all patterns together.

PCR is the most competitive material in a wide range of environmentally friendly plastic materials. Compared to other materials such as bio-based materials (BIO PP, HDPE), the PCR supply is more stable. In terms of price, PCR is more affordable than biodegradable materials such as PLA. PCR plastic is a post-consumer plastic recycling, which can promote the effective use of wasted plastics that are from factories and households. It can greatly reduce the waste of resources. It is also a social responsibility for us humanity to doing something for our homeland. At present, there are only a few factories in China for PC, PS, PET, PP, ABS, POM, PE, PA and other plastics recycling, processing, production and sales, the factories are located in Henan, and some agents in Hong Kong.

How to process the PCR material?

PCR material production and processing include manual rough sorting, automatic sorting by machines, cleaning, modified granulation and many other processes.  

Manual rough selection mainly distinguishes the used plastic products according to different colors and different materials by workers in the sorting line; Machine automatic sorting uses near-infrared to sort the items automatically, large-scale electrostatic sorting in production line, color sorting machine and other equipment to further classify materials by color and material; Cleaning is to remove stains, electroplating layers, oil injection layers, etc. from the surface of the material by washing with water and rapid friction.

What is the goal of these complex sorting processes?

After the above processes, we can get piles of single kind of a material and basically the same color are obtained; the raw materials need to pass a performance testing in each batch after screening. Then according to the customer's requirements for product performance or colors, the raw materials are modified with heating machine or color pelletizing. After passing the inspection, they will be shipped to the the ordered factories. The sewage produced in the whole production process is treated and purified and recycled, and the waste gas is discharged through the waste gas treatment equipment in line with the China’s (GB16287-1996) exhaust gas discharge standards, which aims to truly realize zero pollution in production.

How to secure the quality of the material and products?

As recycled plastic products, PCR materials inevitably have some differences against the performance of the raw and fresh materials. How to ensure the quality of products? This requires third-party monitoring GRS (Global Recycle Standard). As the world's leading environmental certification body, GRS regularly verifies the production scale and qualification of PCR production enterprises, and they will issue GRS certification if your products meet the standards. And companies with GRS certification can call PCR suppliers.




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