Where to Find a Qualified Supplier

December 17, 2021

You are a product developer need a supplier to make your idea a reality, or a company, but now the supplier you are working with can't meet the procurement needs, in these cases, you may need to find a new supplier. An important skill of a company is to find buyers, in the network era, the procurement is always through the network, the following are some methods that you can make use of to find the right supplier.

Qualified Products

Use Google direct keywords or terminologies

Google as the world’s biggest searching engine, provides a large amount of information, Google is based on topics in different areas, keywords search in popularity to benefit users search, make it faster and more convenient, this is general knowledge. Then the premise is that you need to know, your product name and the key terms you need when searching in Google. Experienced buyers may not use it, but entrepreneurs need. In the process of the industry, you naturally will encounter a variety of keywords, web stores, brands, manufacturers, etc. that Google Ads recommend to you. It is totally fine if you want to connect the manufacturers you meet in Google. They all have paid for the ads, which means their companies have economic strength, after all they can afford a flow of expensive advertising fees.

B2B websites  

There are a lot of B2B websites online. B2B sites are places where seasoned procurement officers search for suppliers and manufacturers. But one thing you need to note that these manufacturers  targeted products are always simple and unitary, if you have some understanding of the B2B platforms, you will find that these sites have more manufacturers and factories. In China, the factories can both handle production and export is rare, or have little experience. This will bring inconvenience to some buyers for those who have diversified procurement needs, and the quantity is not a lot.

Colleagues' and friends' introduction

If you have dabbled in an certain industry for a long time, you must inevitably have some accumulation of contacts. No need to say that friend recommendation is a reliable way than the above two methods.

Features of a qualified supplier

Company Profile:

A company profile contents the most comprehensive information. You can see a company’s version, services, products, quality control, history, etc.. These information might be blurry and bombast, but you can still know some essential information like how long the company has dabbled in the industry.


Does it on schedule? Are it well organized to ensure products quality? It is hard to tell only by seeing a supplier's Alibaba store. The best way you should do is tell with its manager from time to time before you take any follow-ups.

Quality Control:

Quality is everything that matters a buyer. How do you guarantee it? You need to keep eyes on it at the very beginning from your first order. You need to know that the sample production is always prefect because they know it is most important to make sure the first order.


What if you receive a pile of garbage when your good go through a 2-month journey? What they react is the final checkpoint before you totally accept a new supplier.




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