What size exercise ball for pregnancy?

August 25, 2021

Wavar's yoga balls are of high quality and competitive prices. If you are looking for a reliable yoga ball supplier, please contact us as soon as possible. Many people know that yoga ball is a favorite tool for all pregnant women. In this article, Let us talk about What are the benefits of doing pregnancy yoga ball exercises? What size exercise ball for pregnancy?How to do balance ball pregnancy exercises?

pregnancy yoga ball workout

What are the benefits of doing pregnancy yoga ball exercises?

Improve endurance and muscle toughness:

Pregnant women usually do yoga balls stretching exercises, which can gradually increase muscle toughness, flexibility and endurance without worrying about stress on joints. And it can also help pregnant mothers to build a good posture.

Relieve back pain

Pregnant women rely on yoga balls to exercise, which can effectively enhance the strength of pelvic muscles, exercise the strength of the spine and pelvis, and effectively relieve pain during pregnancy such as lower back pain in the third trimester.

Reduce dropsy

When performing yoga ball exercises, the body is in full contact with the spherical surface. The yoga ball massages the body evenly and softly, which can enhance blood circulation and metabolism in the body, reduce dropsy during pregnancy, and also enhance the balance and flexibility of the pregnant woman's body.

Boost mood

When exercising with a yoga ball, it can effectively reduce the mood swings of the expectant mother during pregnancy, reduce fatigue, eliminate insomnia symptoms, and maintain a peaceful state of mind before childbirth.

What size exercise ball for pregnancy?

In general, it is safer to choose 65cm or 75cm size yoga balls.

Ordinary yoga balls are round. If you choose an ordinary yoga ball, you must choose a large one, and the inflation is good for 6 to 7 degree. Because the body is relatively bulky and inflexible during pregnancy, the big ball provides more space to support the body, and the inflation does not need to be too full, because the fully inflated ball is more unstable, and easy to roll, which will expose pregnant women to more potential dangers. There is also the peanut yoga ball, which is named after the peanut due to its shape. The peanut yoga ball is easier to maintain stability. It can be used not only for pregnant women's yoga ball exercises, but also for beginners yoga ball exercises.


How to do pregnancy exercise ball exercises?(see more about how a pregnant woman do yoga ball exercises)

Sit on a yoga ball

1.Bring your legs together, raise your hands upwards, face each other with ten fingers, take a deep breath, tight your abdomen and raise your chest, and try your best to lift your whole body up. 

2.Split your legs, extend your arms, hold the exercise ball from your chest, lift up, take a deep breath, lean your body's center of gravity back as far as possible, and hold the position for a few seconds.

3. Raise one leg and keep it parallel to the ground. At the same time, raise your arms and hold the posture for a few seconds.

Lower your legs and arms slowly, repeat several times, and then switch legs.


In general, for pregnant women who uses a yoga ball not only maintains a healthy body and elegant body shape, but helps reduce pain during childbirth.




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