What make a good yoga ball?

August 24, 2021

Ball yoga is an emerging fitness tool that combines the elasticity and rolling properties of the ball with yoga exercise. It can stretch muscles, self-cultivation and shape, and when people are in close contact with the yoga ball, it can play a massage and relax role. Since the function of the yoga ball is so good, then what make a good ball? And then you can choose a good ball that suits you best. 

Donut yoga ball


A high-quality yoga ball uses a safe, non-toxic and soft PVC material. There are two materials to make a yoga ball: explosion-proof material, and pearlescent material. (look more about yoga ball material). When it comes in contact with the human body, it should be soft and strong and has no peculiar smell. Do not buy a low-quality yoga ball because it is cheap. This low-quality yoga ball often has a pungent plastic Taste, long-term use will affect your health.


At present, yoga balls of different sizes are designed for different groups. So the sizes are various. Generally speaking, yoga balls with a size of about 65cm are the most selected. There is a simple table for you reference.

Yoga Ball Height                    People's Height

Great than 55cm                   Shorter than 1.5m

65cm                                      1.6m to1.7m

75cm                                      Taller than 1.7m

Safe and explosion-proof

When we use a yoga ball to do exercises, we will take the way of sitting or lying on our stomachs. Often a large part of the body weight has to be placed on the ball. If there is no good pressure resistance, then the yoga ball will easily cause the body after the explosion. Generally, a good explosion-proof yoga ball can withstand a weight of about 400 kg. It is better than for using a pearlescent material one. Because It just adds a little bit of pearlescent powder during the production process, so the thickness material is relatively thicker than that of the explosion-proof ball.


On the basis of explosion-proof, it is best to choose non-slip surfaces to ensure that it is not easy to slip when doing some actions and ensure safety.

There are two types of yoga balls on the surface. One is the protruding bumps, which are generally be seen on PVC material yoga ball, and the other is the surface with a circle of texture, mainly the yoga ball with a pearly surface.


Whether the surface of the yoga ball is fine and smooth or not is related to its foaming technology. You can touch the yoga ball with your hand and choose those comfortable and soft yoga balls.


The thickness of the yoga ball is generally 1-2mm. Consumers may not pay much attention to this when buying it. Even if they do, it is generally impossible to measure it. Like we mentioned previously, the yoga ball is mainly made of PVC material, due to its good anti-explosion characteristics, so the its thickness is relatively thin. For the yoga ball made of pearlescent material, because of the addition of pearl powder, the explosion-proof properties are slightly lower, so the material is relatively thicker.

But fortunately, even if we cannot measure the thickness, we can observe it carefully with our eyes. It is particularly important to note the surface of a pearlescent yoga ball, we need to observe carefully. The smaller the bubble shape on the surface, the better the workmanship and the greater the thickness.


Hope these will be helpful for both private and mass buyers.




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