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What Functional Training Is and Why It is Important

November 12, 2020



As fitness has become more and more popular nowadays, functional training has been more and more mentioned in our life. However, the term functional training is really too ambiguous and vague to provide us with a specific understanding of what functional training is or what makes exercise functional. So what exactly functional training is?


Let's look at the term based on the word "functional". Generally speaking, function means purpose. Therefore, functional training is training for a goal or purpose. For example, a soccer player will go for a squat to strengthen his lower-body muscle, which will enhance his balance control performance during rivalry. So squat is functional training. On the other hand, functional training could also be talked about on the daily-activity level. Thus, functional training is training that helps prepare you to get better at daily activities like walking on a road, lifting a chair, pushing a door and so on. Overall, functional training will reinforce you in a particular way which will lead to better performance for you in an activity at work, at home or in sports.


What Functional Training Is and Why It is Important

What is the benefits of FUNCTIONAL TRAINING

Increased Balance and Stability

Balance or stability is important for us because we may get involved or trapped in many situations that require us a better balance or stability. Therefore, it is necessary and essential to prepare us and strengthen ourselves for everyday activities. The functional exercise that increases stability is lunge with a shoulder press and squat-to-shoulder press. These functional training exercises can be done with just a single dumbbell or kettlebell. And please remember, make sure to move slowly during the motion so that you can control your balance while engaging your core throughout.

Decreased Risk of Injury

Functional training can effectively decrease your risk of injuries in everyday activities because it increases your strength and mobility through repeated high-intensity movements and your joints are well protected by muscle from strain and break. A great exercise to help you train for the simple motion of picking something up is Lateral Shuffle Bar Pickup or sumo high pull with kettlebell. 

Functional training is based on movements, not muscles

It is a misunderstanding that functional training equal to muscle training and only occur in the sagittal plane of motion. Functional training is intended for improving your strength and mobility to make you better prepared for daily activities instead of training only on muscle. And it has incorporated movements in three planes of motion rather than limited to one plane of motion.