Which is better? Weighted Jump Rope or Regular Jump Rope

March 10, 2021

You have decided to do some exercise on a daily basis, but the gym nearby is a little far away from home. You think the exercise in your mind should burn calories in a short period, creates high intensity to quickly pump blood, and build up muscles of your whole body. Jumping seems like a good choice. So, you start to choose a jump rope product. A regular jump rope is not creative, then a weighted jump rope could be taken into consideration. A weighted jump that literally provides extra weight can help you develop agility, coordination with footwork, and increase muscle mass. So, what are the exact differences between weighted jump rope and regular jump rope? The following tips will provide you with some important information to distinguish these two kinds of jump ropes.

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1. The Weights

Both weighted jump rope and regular jump rope can boost your endurance, stamina, cardiorespiratory fitness, and so forth. Compared with a regular jump rope, however, what make a weighted jump rope excellent are two gears which are called weight blocks or weights. Different weights could be selected based on exercisers' requirements to strengthen back muscles and arm muscles. If you stick to your jumping routine with a weighted jump rope for a period of time, you will receive a significant result. In general, weights can range from 10g to 200g, and Wavar's weighted jump ropes have two types of weights, 80g and 130g. If you have an interest in our weighted jump rope products, please contact us.

2. Rope Material

Which is better? Weighted Jump Rope or Regular Jump RopeThe weighted rope is one of the most suitable ropes for jumping beginners and children. Compared with the traditional PVC material of regular jump rope, weighted jump ropes are cable ropes. Due to the weight, cable ropes provide resistance that lowers rotation. As a result, it helps beginners to land accurately, and master skipping techniques as quickly as possible. There are two types of ropes, PVC coated cable and PVC rope, which are both common online.

3. The Cost

Regular jump ropes help beginners to learn the fundamentals of a jump rope, they are always cost-effective because there is no bearing inside, no weights, and made of PVC plastic material. What is more, we always recommend a foam-covered grip or a padded grip in order to facilitate learners' jumping process. The price of a foam-grip jump rope maybe a little bit higher than other types, but you can think about that when you add sweat, the plastic handle slips out of your hands and hurts you. So, a foam grip makes you better.

4. Ball Bearing and 90-Degree Handle Angle

Like speed jump ropes, most weighted jump ropes have ball bearings. The ball-bearing system promotes fast, smooth spin and avoids tangling. You can also find many regular jump ropes with bearing systems available online, but a 90-degree handle angle is rare and expensive in price.

Here comes a conclusion. Jumping is basically an aerobic exercise. The extra weight provided by weighted jump rope, on the contrary, makes skipping an anaerobic exercise and an effective way that shapes your body and promotes weight loss. So if you are a jumping beginner, select the weighted jump rope!




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