Weight Training Poses for Home Workouts

February 02, 2021

Due to the epidemic of Covid-19, many of us have been staying at home for a long period of time without working out. That is the reason why home workout has been prevailing among fitness enthusiasts.


Since home workout has almost become a part of People’s life, here we are going to introduce a "home-based weight training" as an alternative to traditional strength training for those who are in quarantine at home. Unlike traditional weight training with barbells, dumbbells, weighted vest in gym, there may not have appropriate equipment on hand for home workout. Therefore, the following workout movements use daily tools instead of traditional strength equipment. Now, let us get started with the hot home workout sessions together.


Weight Training Poses for Home WorkoutsTraining Duration: about 25 minutes


What you'll need: a bucket, an empty bin, a water bottle with a handle, or some other weighted Items that you could reach. Adjust counterweight according to training level.

Training Arrangement: 8-12 reps for each movement, an interval of 30 seconds between groups, 4 groups in total.


Home Weight Training Movements:


First move: Side lift

Exhale as you raise up and Take a breath in as you drop down.

Note: correct wrist position

Key to the Movements: hold out your chest and pull in your abdomen, clamp your hips, sink your shoulder blades, don't shake your body back and forth, and keep a certain angle between your arms and your body when you lower them.


The second move: weighted squat

Inhale when squatting and exhale when moving upwards.

Key to the Movements: keep the upper body upright and straight with tiptoe slightly outside knee joint in the same direction with tiptoes. Tighten the buttocks while moving upwards.


The third movement: double arm press-up

Breathe out when you press it up and breathe in when you lower it down, with a straight back and spine throughout.

Key to the Movements: hold out your chest and pull in your abdomen, clamp your hips, sink your shoulder blades, don't shake your body, and try to clamp your body with your big arms.


The fourth action: Deadlift with bent knees

Breathe in when you bend your knees and breathe out when you stand.

Key to the Movements: keep your upper body straight and tight in a neutral position while bending your knees. Sit your hips back as you lean forward. Feel the stretch of your hips and the back of your legs, and clamp your hips as you deliver power.


Fifth action: bow row

Breathe out when pulling back and breathe in when lowering.

Key to the Movements: Bent down at 45° with straight and tight back and tightened core. Press your arms right against your torso while bending your knees. Feel the back muscle works when producing the power and force.


The sixth move: the weighted curl

Breathe out when moving upwards and breathe in when lowering.

Key to the Movements: both hands and arms vertically and straightly overhead. Lie down on the back and curl.




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