Weekly Quick Workouts at Home

April 08, 2021

Quick workout videos are familiar to all of us. Why? not surprisingly, we have a myriad of reasons to postpone our workout schedule. It might be the inherent laziness that obstructs us from making great progress to our fitness record. So, those clever bloggers create various blogs and videos of quick workouts to obtain more flows. The fact is that they succeed. According to the WHO guidelines, 150-minute to 300-minute moderate aerobic activity or an average of 110-minute vigorous activity per week is always efficient to keep fit. So, here we are going to talk about weekly quick workouts to help us make good use of our time. And these workouts will help you become slim and toned rather than muscular and big, so welcome come to all girls take a look here.

Since all workouts use your body weight, you don't need any expensive equipment at all. So, a comfortable yoga mat, or a pair of small dumbbells, is enough.


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Monday, 25mins Home Fast Stretch Workouts

This is particularly set to help you weak your body up, prepare for the following workout routine, and ready for your work. Simple warm-ups such as jumping for 25reps, arm swings for 20reps, squats for 30reps are adequate. The aims of doing a warm-up exercise are to get ready. So, do not feel anxious about the choice, just do the full 25 minutes.

Tuesday, 30mins Home Quick Upper Body Workouts

This day aims to challenge your arms, shoulders, back muscles, and abs, meanwhile we may also need some warm-ups to boot our body. To tone your upper body, you can do push-ups and plank just based on the body weight. Or, you can also use some equipment such as dumbbells for 15reps (do dumbbell workouts) to assist you to gain a better exercise effect. There are some common Dumbbell rows such as incline rows, pull-up rows, bent over rows.

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Wednesday, 30mins Home fast Lower Body Workouts

Lower body workouts aim to strengthen the hips, thigh, and lower leg muscles. There are also various exercises we can choose, such as lateral lunges, which can overall thigh fats and improve your balance, deep squats which target all your lower muscles such as glutes, and quadriceps. For girls who want to have a perfect butt, must emphasize this part. In general, 10mins butt pump for a short period of time will show you a noticeable result.

Thursday, 35mins Full-body Workouts

Based on the outcomes we get on the previous days, can finally start to boots your whole body. If you stick it out till now, you should give yourself an award. Based on the workouts you have done, you can combine them freely. You can do dumbbell rows together to strengthen your calves and butt, arm muscles.

Friday, 40mins Strength Workouts

Combine with a yoga ball, do push-ups and plank, or mountain climbers for 30reps or more. If you do not want to use equipment, a handstand is perfect. Hand-standing 40mins for 5reps. The natural body weight will give you the most cost-effective and effective workout at home.

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Saturday, 45mins Intense Workouts

5-10 minutes running at a high speed. For beginners, you may jog for 3minutes at a slow pace, then increase your intensity. On day 6, you need to challenge yourself. Try other types of intense workouts such as lifting weights, and swimming. Stick to your last workout plan, force yourself to do full 45mins.


Remember quick workouts are better than no workout. In fact, you will easily find 30mins in your 24 hours, stop finding excuses, and resume your quick workouts at home. 




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