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We are Serious about Losing Weight

March 31, 2021


When it comes to weight loss, getting into or getting back into shape would probably be the most primitive motive that drive us through every hot and intensive workout session. However, losing weight does not have to be frustrating and time consuming. You just need to invest a few minutes each day when available and it could happen in either your office or at home. Hence, we are going to cover some 10-minute cardio workouts below to help you burn fat in a more convenient and efficient way.


Before we go into that, let us talk about cardio first. What is cardio? Cardio is any rhythmic exercise that significantly burns calories to generate energy needed during the workout session. fat and calories. Cardio increase your heart rate, improves your heart and lungs and burn more calories than other types of exercises. 

We are Serious about Losing Weight1. Squat jumps


If you are looking for a great addition to your hot strength training session, squat jumps would be one of the best options. It is great cardio exercise that not only engages muscles in thighs, calves, and core, but also increase the explosive power of your lower body. Investing only 10 minutes a day to do it will offer you more benefits than expected.


However, unlike stretching or twisting, squat jumps are high-impact exercise that will give your joints a certain degree of impact when going down and landing. Therefore, if you are totally new to this movement, it is recommended to get started with small jumps and make your steps into the next level as you improve.


To start, stand up with your feet hip-width apart and brace your core. Do a full squat as low as you can. Explode and jump towards the ceiling as high as possible while squeezing your hips, pressing your feet into the floor and swinging your arms overhead. Land into a squat again and repeat for 1 minute.


2. Jogging with High Knees


When it come to aerobics, all of us will think about jogging. Indeed, jogging is one of the most common and efficient cardio exercise and engage just about all the major muscles of the body to burn carbohydrate and improve the basic metabolism. However, it is an outdoor exercise and not ideal for office worker. Jogging with high knees in place allows you to have the same working out results as regular jogging without worry about space or time limitation.


To start, do regular jogs but try to lift the knees high as your hips. That way, you will engage your core as thighs. You can add intensity by holding dumbbells in hands or keeping your arm straight and overhead.



Try to incorporate the movements mentioned above into your workout routines if you want to get into shape. And we believe compound exercises will even do better in building muscles and burning fat because more muscle groups are engaged and you will not over work out one specific part due to repeating the same exercise. 

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