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Wavar's best pushup boards

August 27, 2021


Push-up is a simple exercise that can strength chest and arm muscles, but if you do it regularly, you will feel uncomfortable in your wrists. An important contribution of the push-up brace is to protect your wrists. In this article, we will explain in detail how to buy push-up brackets and the issues that need attention. There are many types of Wavar push-up boards. We focus on providing professional fitness products. If you are looking for a reliable supplier, please contact us.


pushup boards

What does a pushup board made from?

The main raw material of the push-up bracket is ABS, so what is ABS?

“Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) is a common thermoplastic polymer. ABS provides favorable mechanical properties such as impact resistance, toughness, and rigidity when compared with other common polymers.” Wavar's push-up boards are sturdy, the boards are made from premium ABS material, so the boards can bear a huge weight, so you don’t have to worry about the risk of breaking during a fitness process. In addition, the production of the products is strictly controlled and accept full inspection, so choosing us is the most guaranteed.

12-function pushup board

This product consists of a solid board and two handles covered with this rubber.

The board is divided by four color areas, each area corresponds to a different muscle group. The blue is for pectoral muscles, the red is for shoulder muscles, the yellow is for latissimus dorsi, and the green is for biceps. When in use, insert the handle into the corresponding slots and do push-ups to train the target muscle groups.

Multifunctional push-up board

This board has more functions than the board mentioned above. The surface of the board is marked by lines of different colors. The lines of the same color are only for one muscle group, but the groove at the intersection of the two colors represents that targets two different muscle groups. Compared with the former one, the board is larger, and a resistance band is required to provide more intense exercise. In general, this kind of board is for people who exercise regularly, not for a starter.

Rotatable push-up board

The quality of this product is better than the previous two. It uses a new design, that is, a rotatable turntable is added, which replaces the color markings and directly fixes the handle on the board. By rotating the handle to exercise different muscle groups, to a certain extent, it makes it more convenient for users, but it also increases the instability factor.

In addition, Wavar also has many types of push-up boards, if you are interested, learn more.

In conclusion, this is a really effective and stylish tool. The complete push up training system can burn calories and lose weight by doing effective plyometric exercises and an ab-shredding routine.The push up board kit can easily workout upper body or lower body.Attach the resistance bands to the fold up platform, increase or decrease the exercise difficulty by using a resistance band.

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