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Trap Bar vs Barbell Deadlift

July 05, 2021


If you are a lifter who is committed to powerlifting competitions, and you also want to improve your performance in high flips, clean and jerk, then you generally practice straight deadlifts, because these actions use straight bars. Straight bars are also used for training, which has better training transferability. If you are not suitable for straight bar due to movement technique, body structure, mobility, injury, etc., you can try a hexagonal barbell at this time.Trap Bar vs Barbell Deadlift

Trap Bar

What is a trap bar?

Its structure is not complicated, that is, the straight bar of an ordinary barbell is changed into a quadrilateral or a hexagonal shape like the molecular formula of a benzene ring, and two higher grips are added. (There are many kinds of special-shaped barbells on the market, among which I think the hexagonal barbell is the most practical).

Advantages of using a trap bar

During squat training with a hexagonal bar, the center of gravity of the human body is in the center of the hexagonal bar, and the centers of gravity of the human body and the hexagonal barbell are basically on the same vertical line. It is easier to keep the hexagonal bar up and down during the action, and the trainer's body is more vertical than the straight bar. When using the straight barbell deadlift, the barbell is in front of the body, even if the trainer is close to the shins and legs when pulling up. The barbell still puts a lot of pressure on the lower back of the human body.

The use of hexagonal barbells for squatting and stretching can enable the trainer to withstand higher intensity and total training, which helps to improve the level or sports performance.

Barbell Deadlift

What is a barbell deadlift?

Its action is very simple. Pull the barbell vertically from the floor until your hips and knee joints lock, keeping your waist in a neutral position. Pulling up the barbell along the vertical line from the floor to the locking point has a shorter distance than the J-curve with horizontal movement, and the barbell is easier to be pulled up.

Advantages of deadlift

Deadlift training has produced a huge improvement in strength and stability, especially for novices. Because you will use the front and back muscles of your body, deadlifts can protect your joints from unnecessary stress and injury, which is a great benefit. At the same time, your core needs to stabilize your body throughout the exercise, which means that your abdominal muscles can also be stimulated. Moreover, deadlifting stimulates the gluteus maximus muscles more than squats. Therefore, you can see the effect faster than just practicing squats.

Disadvantages of deadlift

Pull up your barbell on the vertical line in the middle of your foot, and your deadlift weight will increase immediately. Incorrect deadlifts can cause bending over and squeeze your intervertebral discs, which can lead to lower back injuries. The barbell deadlift mainly exercises the back muscles, but also exercises the leg muscles, arms, shoulders and trapezius muscles.



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