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Three Exercises to Lose Weight Quickly After Holidays

November 06, 2020

After returning back from holidays, it a common issue to have a weight gain due to having too much amazing food and drinks. Hence, is there any fast way to burn the fat gained and get back in shape again? The answer is positive. There are so many exercises that can help us to lose weight and keep in good shape. Here we will introduce four exercises that can counterweight gain quickly and effectively especially after you just had been through a long and luxurious holiday.

1. Double Kettlebells Front Squat


Wavar Kettelbell

Wavar Kettlebell front squat is a perfect choice for burning fat since as many as 500 calories will be burned for only one-hour kettlebell exercise. The kettlebell front squat is a whole-body workout that engages your muscles in hips, legs, hands and core. It can be performed with either one or two kettlebells.

To start, stand up with feet shoulder-width apart with a kettlebell in each hand staying on the floor. Bend your knees slightly and then deadlift the kettlebells off the floor until you stand upright with your hands at your chest holding a kettlebell resting right on each shoulder. Make sure all your hands take the handles tightly all the time. Squat down until your thighs are slightly past parallel to the ground. Keep your feet sticking to the ground throughout. Then rise up and repeat the squat.

2. Dumbbell Push Press

Four Exercises to Lose Weight Quickly After Holidays

Wavar Adjustable Dumbbells

We have introduced a great of dumbbell exercises in the article “How to work out with just a pair of dumbbells”, but here we still want to highlight that the dumbbell push press is one of the most effective and efficient dumbbell exercises. With Wavar dumbbells, you can work almost all the muscles of your upper body.

To start, stand upright with feet hip-width apart with dumbbells resting on shoulders held in each hand. Bend your knees and dip your torso slightly, then extend your hips and legs while press the dumbbells straight up. Pause in the air for a few seconds, and then slowly return the dumbbells back to your shoulders. Repeat the movement.

3. Battle Rope Ab Workout

Four Exercises to Lose Weight Quickly After Holidays

Wavar Battle Ropes

Statistically, exercise with Battle Rope will burn 50 calories per 5 minutes. Therefore, if you have battle ropes in hand, then you should absolutely use it to burn fat, strengthen your core and get fit. A lot of different exercises with battle ropes are suitable and beneficial for us. The exercise we choose here is Battle Rope Ab Workout because it incorporates many movements and skills together, and engage and work your full body throughout.

To start, sit on a yoga mat with knees bent, feet flat on the floor, torso at a 45-degree angle with the ground. Hold a rope grip with thumbs up in each hand. Place your hands with the ropes at chest, resting above your knees. Then whip the ropes side to side. Repeat this movement for some time.

Suitable exercise really matters. Give these exercises a try and you’ll get the secret to lose weight in a faster and efficient way than ever before!