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Things to Know Before Setting Bodybuilding Plan

April 14, 2021


When you just step into the fitness world, how to choose the most suitable type of exercise for yourself in the face of tons of fitness activities and sports movements?How to select exercises that are most suitable for you according to your own fitness purpose, condition and fitness resource status. To set your training plan properly, you may need some fitness basis.

We are doing to explain the functions of sports for people's daily exercise, excluding athletes' sports and extreme sports such as parkour, climbing, skiing and other sports that cannot be done as long-term fitness programs. Some people have a narrow understanding in the purpose of the fitness. In fact, not only male muscle practice is called fitness, as long as it is out of building body, any other fitness type can be called a fitness exercise.

Aerobics includes various types like running, jogging, cycling, yoga, Pilates, dancing, swimming, ball sports. Anaerobic exercises have strength training, weight lifting training and mechanical training. Aerobic and anaerobic combination exercises is hard to list but we still name two, HIIT and cross-fit.

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Aerobic exercise, as its name, is done in a state of adequate oxygen. Any physical exercise that has a strong rhythm, maintains the heart rate at 60 to 80 the maximum can be called aerobic exercise.

Anaerobic exercise, as the name implies, is intense exercise that is done in the "hypoxia" statues. Anaerobic exercise is mostly with high load strength, instantaneous movement, so it is difficult for us to last a long time, and fatigue elimination time is also longer due to the complex glycolytic metabolism process. The aerobic exercise part must exist, so it is difficult to fully tell apart the anaerobic exercise and aerobic exercise.

Short-term, explosive sports such as weightlifting, dumbbell rows, sprinting, and boxing are all anaerobic exercises, while slow and sustained muscle movements like the most typical bodybuilding exercises are also anaerobic exercises. Anaerobic training can be generally called strength training. You can simply understand that any movement involving moving weights or heavy objects is hypoxia exercise. Strength training is good at consuming sugar reserves.

It is hard to tell apart the aerobic and anaerobic exercise clearly. Take HIIT as an example, when doing HIIT, there must be many parts are both anaerobic and aerobic. Like cross-fit, it emphasizes the combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise, so it can also be regarded as aerobic and anaerobic combination exercise.

We need to know some of the basics of these exercises and the roles they playing in shaping our bodies so that we can tailor the right fitness plan for ourselves.

A certain proportion of sugar and fat is consumed to provide energy in continuous aerobic exercise. We need to last at least 40 minutes for it to burn fat achieve weight loss. Continuous aerobic exercise leads to a decrease in LEP in the body, but cause hungry easily. As a result we tend to eat a lot to compensate for the consumption. Paradoxically, the higher the LEP level, the easier it is to be thin.

Strength training shapes muscles and body curve, improves metabolism, and consume more energy. Targeted muscle training can give you the perfect curve, while not let your turn into a muscular. Strength training has little effect on LEP levels, but can stimulate growth hormone secretion that can burn more fat.

High-intensity intermittent aerobic training consumes more calories compared to other types above. It is more efficient than continuous aerobic exercise. Even we stop exercising for a long period, it can still continue to burn calories.


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