Things to Know About Yoga Before You Go

March 23, 2021

Things to Know About Yoga Before You GoIf you are new to fitness and are thinking about getting into a specific workout program, yoga must be one of the most amazing workout programs we recommend. Yoga originated from India about 5000 years ago and it comes into sight of the general public and becomes well known to the world only 10 or 20 years ago but it has been growing in popularity since then. Yoga is not only a trendy exercise, but it is more a practical workout program that is able to improve your overall balance and range of motion of your joints through various postures involving stretching. With time, your self-body awareness will be improved, which will bring you better performance in essential daily activities. The following are some tips that will help you to prepare yourself before your first yoga session.


Pick Proper Clothes & Yoga Gears


Typically, the rule for picking yoga clothes is to keep it fitted enough, neither too loose or tight, for deep stretching and all other fully extended moves. Specifically, sleeveless workout shirts are perfect tops for yoga workouts because they provide enough freedom of movement for the upper body. As for yoga pants, any exercise pants or pants with a certain elasticity will work as long as you are not wearing jeans. High waist pants may be a good option since they are not likely to drop down every time you stretch.


Although no specific gears are required for yoga, a well-made yoga mat is essential and necessary for all levels of yogis, especially during hot yoga sessions. Yoga mats offer great traction and grip to prevent slipping and provide support for your body to complete any difficult posture. However, the grip is not the only factor that matters when picking yoga mats. Durability, elasticity and eco-friendly are the other three aspects we always look at. As more and more pay attention to health and safety, eco-friendly yoga mats grow in popularity among yogis.


Get Started with Easy-to-Do Poses


If you have ever seen yoga before, you may think it is intimidating and it would take years for you to actually do these poses. However, there are always some common postures that are ideal for beginners such as the plank, single-leg standing and more. Try to keep your breath in pace with your moves and relax your mind.


Avoid Full stomach Before Hot Yoga Sessions


It is suggested to eat at least an hour before exercise. Moving with a full stomach would make you feel sick or dizzy during exercising. Therefore, It is not recommended to eat right before yoga classes.


Anyone Can be a Yogi


Imagine people stretching their bodies into amazing poses or keeping balance on a single hand or leg. Those images are intimidating and may stop you from getting into yoga at the very beginning. The beauty of yoga is that even if you have limited flexibility and strength, yoga still works for you. And the only criteria for becoming a yogi is the ability to find peace of mind through yoga.









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