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Thick Yoga Mat for Beginners

May 12, 2021

The thickness of thick yoga mats can range from 5mm to 12mm. For yoga beginners, a thick yoga mat will help you complete transition from simple positions to high level positions. Because you're possibly doing gentle yoga which always focusses on slower postures at the very beginning, then transit to some more skillful motions that let your body leave the ground. So, a thick yoga mat will make it safe to use.Thick Yoga Mat

Thick Yoga mats

Yoga mats look all the same. However, when you actually start to do yoga, you will realize a lot of differences. For comfort and support, thick yoga mats will protest your joints. So, do not buy a mat in haste. Here we have many optimal choices for you.


Double Color PVC Yoga Mat W01108

This type is thick yoga mat. It is 6mm to 8mm in thickness. It is double colored, super durable that will provide you superior cushion for joints. The super lightweight will let you carry out. We accept color customization and thickness customization. 


Premium Rubber Yoga Mat W01110

It is exactly 5mm in thickness. They make from natural rubber- environmental material, totally recyclable. It is a little heavy in weight to other mats. They are smooth but can still protect you against slipping. It is a great for beginners who look for a premium quality yoga mat with a higher price.  

rubber yoga mat

Extra Thick Yoga Mats

Extra thick yoga mats range fro0m 10mm to 12mm in thickness, which ensures that it lasts long and not easy to lose shape. Of course, the extra-thick padding is also good for beginners to support body, protect the heels, and avoid straining. But, one big con is that the extra thickness may cause you lose balance sometimes when you want to try some difficult motions. In general, extra thick yoga mats are more suitable for the elderly who just do some low difficulty yoga positions. And also individuals who have been suffering from chronic physical pain and those who have just recovered from injury. 


Wavar NBR Yoga Mat W01109

Mats range from 8mm to 15mm in thickness, and we also accept customized thickness. They are extra thick yoga mat, moisture-resistant, easy to clean with soap, and have anti-slip surface. It is synthetic rubber material and the cheapest in price against other mat types. So, they are beginner-friendly.W01109 NBR Yoga Mat


PU+TPE Yoga Mat W01111

The range of thickness is wide from 4mm to 12mm. This yoga mat is reversible, and both anti-slip. It is TPE material on the top, and PU(Polyurethane) layer at the bottom. PU features with a very sticky surface, even you are in a sweaty session. The rough PU surface will protect you. TPE material is tear-resistant, durable, and high-density. This is the best selling thick yoga mat that will make you a great yoga practice. 

In conclusion, a right yoga mat will give you a good journey of yoga learning so start to pick a yoga mat that you perfectly.