The Ultimate Weighted Benches Buying Guide

December 28, 2022

Weight benches, as a kind of fitness auxiliary equipment, are different from conventional stools in that dumbbell benches are adjustable so that people of different body types can complete exercise actions in a standard manner. The following are some common workout benches for your reference.

The Ultimate Weighted Benches Buying Guide

Adjustable Weight Benches:

The Ultimate Weighted Benches Buying Guide

By using an adjustable weight bench to help you with your weight training, you can target different muscles to varying degrees. You can use the adjustable bench to do more exercises than you can do on a flat bench because of different angles, like an incline dumbbell press. For setting up a home gym, folding benches have higher cost performance than flat benches and save space. Using an adjustable weight bench helps a lot for those who are going to improve posture, especially suitable for beginners. What's more, it can also keep the back aligned better to avoid back and shoulder injuries.

Olympic Weight Bench:

The Ultimate Weighted Benches Buying Guide

The adjustable Olympic Weight Bench combined bench and barbell rack in one, featuring a heavy-duty steel frame for high load capacity and added load capacity and durability. The widened and thickened memory foam cushion brings you a more comfortable workout experience. The Olympic weight bench is more ergonomically designed and can be folded in height to meet your exercise needs of different intensities. It is definitely your best choice for Olympic benches. The Olympic weight bench is more fit for experienced lifters rather than strength training beginners.

Roman Chair:

The Ultimate Weighted Benches Buying Guide

Roman chair is mainly used for core training of the waist and abdomen. "Goat push up" and "Roman chair side bend" are the two classic training movements that are most commonly used in gyms using Roman chairs. When you performed properly with the roman chair, back extension movement (hyperextension) strengthens the lower back, glutes, core and abdominals all at once. The increased core strength of back stretches will also improve your fitness in almost every exercise you perform and help relieve pain while doing other strength training exercises such as deadlifts. For sedentary people, it can also reduce the stress on the spine throughout the day.


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