The Material of Yoga Towel

April 16, 2022

The material of a yoga towel is obviously the most important thing to consider when it comes to deciding on a yoga towel.

Yoga towel manufacturers make use of a great variety of microfiber materials to produce premium products. Favorites among yoga experts are cotton, polyester, and a polyester-nylon towel blend.

You can even order eco friendly yoga towels in bulk, that are made from 100 % recycled materials.



Most Yoga towels are generally made of microfiber material known for its wicking qualities. The microfiber towel is made from a soft, absorbent material that soaks up moisture, helping you to stay steady as you flow through moves. This helps to increase grip, even when it is wet, but still feels super soft. 

Microfiber is the most popular material used in the production of yoga towels given how soft and durable it is. Make sure that the yoga towel you wish to buy consists of microfiber blends.


The great thing is that the more you sweat, the better the grip is. Most of the yoga towels absorb several times more sweat than their actual weight and can be used repeatedly during the workout. Hot yoga towels are uniquely designed to absorb up to seven times their weight in sweat and moisture. They are made from 100% microfiber material for an extra soft feel and great cushioning.

Simply toss the towel in with the rest of your laundry when class is over,  no special washing requirements here. The towel is available in different colors, including some tie-dye patterns yoga towel.

Cotton, Polyester and Nylon

Some may not like the feel of microfiber, so a yoga rug made from cotton is an excellent alternative. It's not a towel, but it's designed for the same purpose: to maintain grip during an especially sweaty session. 

Other materials like cotton, polyester and nylon are also used during manufacturing.

Less absorbent yoga towels are designed more for comfort and to dry out quickly. They are usually made from 60% microfiber and 40% nylon-polyester to give you a soft, welcoming feel.

Recycled materials

If you are looking for something greener and more eco friendly, you can opt to order yoga towels in bulk, made from 100% recycled materials. 

The towels' material can vary from a mix of nylon or polyester to fully recycled materials, such as plastic water bottles. 

The latter quality makes yoga towels doubly beneficial, since not only do these offer great value and durability, but they will promote sustainability and eco-friendliness within the community, increase your gym or studio’s carbon footprint.

A good yoga mat towel keeps your mat dry and grippy, which can make a world of difference to your yoga practice. If you are buying yoga towels in bulk for your gym or yoga studio, make sure that your yoga towels does just that. 

The Material of Yoga Towel

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