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The Keys to Aerobic Exercise at Home

January 31, 2021


The Keys to Aerobic Exercise at HomeAerobics is popular with most fitness enthusiasts or people who are dying to burn fat. In this entry, we are going to talk about the keys to aerobics.


Warm-up always matters.


Warm-up is necessary for all movements including aerobics. It is a pre-workout step you can not leave out. It helps to move joint and ligament, stretch muscle of limbs and the back. You better start from a low training intensity and make steps up to a moderate training intensity.


Get Close to But Never Exceed the THR (Target Heart Rate)


Approaching but not exceeding the THR. In general, the THR is “170 - age”. If you are 60 years old, the THR is 170-60 = 110 (times per minute). When exercising, the pulse can be counted at any time, and it is great to control the heart rate below 110 times/min when the exercise intensity is appropriate. Of course, this refers to the healthy exerciser, and the ill is not included in this column. If the heart rate during exercise is only 70 to 80 times per minute, which is far from the THR, it indicates that the aerobic exercise intensity has not reached standard level.


Self Perception


Self-perception is an important index to master the appropriate amount and intensity of exercise, including slight short of breath, feeling a little faster heartbeat, slightly getting hot all over the body, reddening face, sweating, all of which indicate a moderate exercise; If there is an obvious palpitation, short of breath, feeling dizzy, sweating a lot, feeling exhausted, which may indicates overload exercise. On the other hand, If the exercise has always been maintained at an easy level, it suggests that the difference between the heart rate and THR is too far, and the exercise is impossible to achieve the fitness purpose of enhancing endurance and burn calories, and the training intensity needs to be increased.



Working out Duration 


Generally, a normal person should spend at lest 20 minutes in aerobic exercise, and in some cases it can last as long as 1 or 2 hours for 3 to 5 times a week, mainly depending on individual physical condition and decided. It is difficult to achieve the fitness purpose with few times of exercising



Make Your Steps into the Training


Increasing the training intensity step by step is the basic principle of all sports and exercises. The exercise intensity should be transitioned from low intensity training to moderate intensity gradually; Duration should be gradually added; The frequency of exercise should be increased from scratch. All these Instructions mentioned above should adapt to the individual physical condition. The exercise for the elderly or people with chronic diseases should be well considered. It is best to see a doctor before exercise, have a comprehensive physical examination, and then ask the doctor for the specific aerobic exercise instruction according to the individual situation.


In a word, aerobic training at home varies according to individual’s physical condition. Neither over intensity training or a low intensity training is good for us. 

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