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The Benefits of Working out with Balance Board

February 05, 2021

Balance board has been considered a low-impact weight-bearing exercise. Balance board exercise helps increase bone mass, prevent osteoporosis and improve daily functional movements such as bending, stretching, twisting, jumping, sitting, jogging, etc. 


A study in 2017 found that balance training can improve memory and spatial cognition. Balance board is a perfect option for people who are not free to do aerobics due to restrictions of work, health, or time. It is been shown that aerobic training is a type of exercise that is able to enhance cognitive performance. Sitting for long periods at work can cause muscle degeneration. By using a balance board, the waist could be greatly engaged and exercised, which can stabilize the muscle groups and strengthens the core so that your body can provide more support for its own weight as it moves. In addition to your core muscles, balance board exercises also work the muscles in your back, shoulders, hips, and legs. 


Keeping exercising with a balance board every day not only improves overall balance control of the body, but it also helps to prepare your body for the intense workout to prevent muscle strain or joint injuries when you're trying to catch up with your weekly workout routines. 


Another benefit of balance board exercise is that it is ideal for people of all ages and fitness levels due to its low-impact feature. You can have a balance board exercise while working, sitting, or even playing. According The Benefits of Working out with Balance Boardto a study in 2018, using a balance board at work increases energy and oxygen consumption compared to normal sitting and standing. Heart rate also increases with the use of a balance board. Fatigue increases over time when standing while the fatigue would level off 30 minutes after sitting and steeping on the balance board. The work efficiency is the same under all conditions. Complementing your standing desk with a balance board can increase your moving performance without reducing your working efficiency. With the Balance Board, you can prevent office sleepiness by staying active and increasing alertness. Balance board training improves spatial awareness, coordination, language development, concentration and ankle joint strength to prevent injury.


Balance Board - Swing Balance Board


What are the types of balance board?In order to get the most out of the Balance Board, it is important to find the balance board that is right for you. The following is the most commonly used balance boards on the market now.


Shape: flat and round shape

Base: fixed and domed

Difficulty: Medium


The swing board has a bowl-shaped base in the center that allows 360 degrees of movement. The smaller the dome is, the more difficult it is to maintain balance. When using a swing board, the goal is to stand on it and tilt in any direction without making the edges touch the ground.

For beginners, we recommend starting with a larger-base board. As you make steps into more exercise and get better at maintaining stability, you can gradually transition to a smaller base balance board.