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The Benefits and Disadvantage of Squat

January 22, 2021


Squat is one of the most common exercises in fitness, known as the "king of strength training", Do not look down on squats, it not only works out your lower body, but also improves almost all the major muscles of the body on the premise of standard squat poses. Below we are going to cover all the advantages and disadvantages of squats, through which we hope to bring you more insights into squat and help you determine whether squat is the movement that’s right for you.


The Benefits and Disadvantage of SquatAdvantages of Squat

1. Improve cardiopulmonary function

You may often go out of breath or need a deep breath when you just work on squats. so gradually increasing training intensity help to improve your endurance and keep strengthening the heart and lung function. Therefore, squat is great for athletes who need to improve endurance like long-distance runners.


2. Improved overall strength

Squat is a compound movement that engages not only multiple joints, but also the major muscle groups of most parts of the body, such as the quadriceps, gluteus maximus and so on. Especially the weight-bearing squat, engages almost all the bones in supporting the body to manage the movement. Therefore, the strength of the muscles and bones of the whole body will be greatly improved during the process of squat. At the same time, it works well in promoting testosterone secretion.


3. Build up Leg Strength

Squat mainly practice the strength of legs to provide more support to the full body. So as to improving the overall strength, leg strength matters the most. Athletes of weight lifting, throwing and other sports that request a certain level of leg strength, often go to squats to increase the strength of the legs.


4. Beautiful Hips

When squatting, gluteus and waist muscles can be well engaged and exercised. Keeping squat for a long term will make women’ hips more beautiful.


5. Improved body jumping ability

Because squat exercises can effectively strengthen the muscle strength of the lower body, which is conducive to the increase of hip, calf and thigh muscle strength for jumping. Sometimes it's better to focus on building up muscle groups than only jumping.


Disadvantage of Squat


1. Knees Injury

The worst about squat is that it hurts your knees. There is a layer of cartilage on the surface of the knee joint. When people take a walk, jog or run, there will be friction generated between the cartilages due to their own weight. As time goes by, the cartilage will get worn and thin. Above all,knees tend to get inured during squat. Therefore, people with knee problems should make sure if your body is well prepared before get into squat.


2. Waist Injury

If you can keep a straight back and spine while squatting, generally it will not add pressure or hurt your waist. The reason you're hurting your lower back is because you're doing squats the wrong way. This way, most the pressure and stress will be delivered to the legs instead of the waist during squatting, so that you will not harm your lower back.

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