Strength Training Also Matters for Women

February 22, 2021

Strength Training Also Matters for WomenWhen it comes to strength training, we always think of strong men obsessed with building strength and muscle mass. However, strength training also plays an important role in improving strength and athletic performance for women. More than that, it could even lead to significant  impact on all areas of women’ life though elevating the daily living performance. Strength training matters for almost all women, no matter their physique, size, or life circumstance.


Many think of strength training as a necessary part of personal and gym workout program no matter for women or men while many do not think so. The following are some reasons why women should keep doing strength training and what strength exercises are much better for women.


The Reasons Women Should Keep up Strength Training


1. Promote Aerobic Capacity


Many think strength training has nothing to do with aerobics. In fact, it is the muscles that are responsible for converting carbohydrate to energy. Therefore, toning up muscles through strength training will significantly enhance individuals' aerobic capacity, burn more calories and improve appearance.


2. Improve Bone Density


Studies suggest that weight and resistance training could improve bone density in some way. When stretching your arms or lifting an object from the ground, your bones also get stimulated, which then leads to bone growth.  Therefore, it is essential and necessary to keep up strength training especially for aged or post-delivery women who might has encountered serious bone loss.


In additions to the benefits mentioned above, strength training may improve many areas of your life such as improved posture and mood and more.


Exercises That are Perfect for Women



Squats is one of the most common weight and endurance training and it also fits women because it not only promotes the lower half strength to increase your dynamic stability, but it also help to create a perfect butt, which might mean a lot for some women.


To start, stand up with your feet shoulder-width apart. Move your hips down and backwards until tight back and thighs. Keep the back at a certain angle with the ground and try to make the shin and back as parallel as possible.


2. Suspension Training


While resistance training is the best way to increase the range of motion of overall bones and fascias, suspension Training focus more on the muscles of the upper back and forearms. It helps to improve posture and reduce the risk of back injury. In addition, it helps to get you back in shape and create aesthetic appearance.


To start, stand tall with your feet hip-width apart facing the anchor stopper with straight and tight back. Hold the handles of the suspension trainers while leaning your body backwards with your torso kept straight. walk under to an angle that is safe, yet challenging. Begin to retract your forearms and pull the suspension trainer until your body reaches your wrist. Keep your wrist facing each other and your forearms perpendicular to your torso throughout the move. Repeat several times and take a rest.