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Simple Stretching for Better Flexibility

March 10, 2021


In order to improve personal daily performance, not only do we need to build up strength and muscle mass, but also need to consider improving the overall flexibility of the body.


Stretching is the perfect movement to increase one’s flexibility through extending a specific tendon or promoting joint range of motion. The tendon is a strong band of tissue in the body that joins a muscle to a bone. Whether for athletes or fitness enthusiasts, a certain degree of tendon flexibility is required for human body to retain functional.


More than that, certain stretching could also relieve overworked or tense muscles and enhance blood circulation. Since the joint mobility has been increased and muscle and fascia have been stretched and lengthened, then the possibility of injury during exercise could be effectively reduced and one’s athletic performance could also be improved to a large degree.


The chronic and large amount of inactivity may lead to short and tight muscles and tendons as well as less flexible and stiff joints. Over time, you may find it even difficult to raise your arms overhead or lift your leg all the way up to your waist, which also increases the risk of muscle strain and joint damage.


Therefore, stretching is not something specifically designed for athletes or sport professionals. It is a necessary and regular training that we should keep on a daily basis to protect our joints and muscles. The following are some stretching movements that work for the general public and all age groups without using supplementary tools such as resistance bands or suspension bands.

Simple Stretching for Better Flexibility1. Toe Touch


Toe touch is a typical static stretching that helps to extend hamstrings as well as improve the dynamic balance of the lower body.


To start, sit on a chair or stand tall with your feet shoulder-width apart. Slowly reach out your hands to touch your toes while keeping your lower body still and stable. Keep this position for 20 seconds and then return to the starting position and repeat. To protect your back and avoid muscle strain and pain, make sure to reach your hands slowly and properly.


2. Shoulder Squeeze in a Seated Position


An amazing posture that is perfect for office workers who used to be inactive most of the time during working. Sticking to this movement for a period of time will not only improve your overall body flexibility but also helps to release upper back pain and tension.


To start, sit on an eco-friendly yoga mat with bent knees and legs closed together. Grip your hands one another right behind your back with extended and straight arms. Squeeze your shoulder blades inwards and together. Keep this position for 5 seconds and return to the starting point and repeat.


3.  Squat Stretch


This move is intended to relax and lengthen the muscle tissues in glutes and thighs.


Hold on to a chair or the edge of sofa for balance to start. Lift your right foot backward and clasp the toes of your right foot until your right foot reaches your glutes while keeping your right thigh tight and vertically straight. Pull your right foot and squeeze your glutes as much as possible for a deep stretch. Keep this position for 10 seconds and then switch to another side.


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