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Resistance Band Workout at Home

January 09, 2021


Resistance Band Workout at HomeIt is not practical to prepare a full set of fitness equipment at home. For many large fitness equipment such as barbells, we do not have enough space to place it. It will be good if you have access to dumbbells or kettlebells at home. In fact, there is a very simple training tool that is greatly ideal for home workout.


This magic fitness tool is the resistance band. Compared with kettlebells, barbells and dumbbells that are heavy-duty and always with constant weight, the resistance band will provide you with different levels of resistance as you pull, which certainly bring you more challenges. Therefore, we may see someone doing barbell exercise with resistance bands fastened on the ends sometimes in gym, which is taking the advantage of the great resilience of the resistance band.


What is the Benefits of Resistance Band Training?


1. Portable & Work out Anywhere You Like

The resistance band is a pretty flexible tool that is fully functional and very portable. It's only dozens  of centimeters long, and you can slip it into your bag or tuck it into your pocket.


2. The training intensity can be adjusted for all levels

The extra-thick resistance bands provide more resistance while the thinner ones provide less. The resistance can also be changed by simply reducing or increasing the length of the resistance band. As a result, resistance bands can be adjusted for people of different training levels.


3. More Secure Compared to Traditional Fitness Equipment

In terms of resistance band training, you will never need to worry about over straining your muscle or have your joints injured with woo much pressure. Unlike traditional fitness equipment that require extra protection for heavy weight load, you can work with a resistance band alone without any extra support.


Movements with Resistance Band


1. Resistance Band Squat


Squat with resistance band, which is great for lower body muscles, is an reinforced movement based on general squat.


To start, stand tall with your feet shoulder-width apart. Loop the band over your shoulders and  under your feet. Begin to squat and slowly extend your legs, glutes and upper body until standing upright with straight spine. Repeat.


One thing we need to note is that we should extend the torso slowly as the tension of the band increases gradually.


2. Resistance Band Standing Rowing

This position is specifically designed for building up upper body strength, especially forearms..


To start, loop the one end of resistance band around something stationary, such as a stand or a rod. Hold the other end and slightly bend your knees while keeping straight back and spine. Extend your arms forward until tight. Pull the band as much as possible and then slowly return to the starting position.


Resistance band training engages almost all the major muscles in the body, and improve the overall strength and endurance in a subtle way. Therefore resistance band will not dramatically increase your explosive power in days, but it can improve your overall strength if you keep training for a period a time. 

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