Punch Bag Buying Guide in 2024

February 21, 2024

   Punching bags are one of the most effective cardio equipment, not only can they help you burn fat, build core strength and increase physical flexibility, but also relieve stress and improve concentration. If you are a fighting enthusiast, it is very good to buy a suitable sandbag to keep at home and to simulate training to improve your punching sense. If you are an ordinary novice who wants to relieve stress, you can also buy a sandbag with an annoying avatar on it. Then how to choose the right punch bags for different uses? Follow us to find your answer, let's start!

Punch Bag Buying Guide in 2022

The size of punch bags:

    How to choose appropriate heavy bags for you or your clients? The general weight for adults is that the heavy bags should be approximately half your weight. Choose 80-120cm for fitness is sufficient. For professional boxing practice (Boxing, Muay Thai, sanda), it is more recommended to choose a large sandbag of 160cm or more.

The hardness of the sandbags:

Punch Bag Buying Guide in 2022

   Novices who choose a sandbag can choose a relatively soft, one to avoid the punch hurting the bone. People who are familiar with sandbags or boxing professionals can choose a hard one to better exercise the hardness of their fists.

Different types of punch bags:

Soft-filled Heavy Punching Bag


Punch Bag Buying Guide in 2022

This bag is made of durable power hide soft-filled to 100 pounds. With traditional way hanging chains and swivel included, the hanging bag can stay firm for a long time without developing soft spots.

Standing Inflatable Reflex Boxing Bag

Punch Bag Buying Guide in 2022

The spring-mounted punching ball on a sturdy base swings right back after it's been hit, improving your hand-to-eye coordination and working on those reflexes, power, and speed. The height is adjustable from 49 to 56 inches to adjust the height according to your needs. Suitable for all ages and genders, fillable base, easy to assemble and bring you lots of fun.


XXL Free-Standing Punching Kicking Training Bag


Punch Bag Buying Guide in 2022

    Filled the base with water or sand which are more stable and do not swing, the freestanding bags are perfect for Taekwondo practitioners, traditional karatekas, martial artists and other speed kickers. This size removes most standing bags' limitations and is excellent for kicking and punching at all levels.


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