Practical Pilates Exercises That Really Help

March 25, 2021

When you hear Pilates the first time, it may sound intimidating. Similar to yoga, it is a series of low-impact activities that emphasize conscious breathing, meditation and mind control while improving overall strength and range of motion. Yoga stems from ancient India about 5000 years ago while Pilates was just developed in the 1920s. Furthermore, Pilates focuses more on the core while improving overall flexibility and bodily alignment. Keeping on Pilates is also a great way to deal with back or hip pain. Pilates will definitely bring more benefits to you than expected and it is ideal for all fitness advocates no matter their ages or fitness levels.


Pilates Work Your Core in a More Efficient and Effective Way


The core refers to the muscles in your ABs, obliques and lower back which is the powerhouse that support just about your everyday movements while maintaining dynamic stability and proper posture. Therefore, it would be great to add Pilates to your daily workout routines if you are aiming to have a stronger core. Check the Pilates Movements below, find out which move is right for you.

Practical Pilates Exercises That Really HelpPilates Hundred


The hundred is one of the most classic and significant Pilate exercises. Many Pilates classes or books have added the hundred to their list. As the name implies, you are going to pump your hands up and down 100 times while staying in a given position, through which it targets your core, glutes and back and improves your strength and static balance.


To perform the hundred, lie faceup on an anti-skid yoga with your legs pressing against each other. Lift your legs upwards until they reach a 45-degree angle with the yoga mat while keeping your legs extended and straight. Lift your head and shoulders off the mat while reaching your arms out alongside your body with palms facing downward. Keep this position and pump your arms up and down as you breathe in and out for 5 seconds.


Side Kicks


Sidekicks involve not only core engagements but also thigh improvement. Before starting, lie on one of your sides on a mat. Keep your head, shoulder, legs and torso in a line with one of your legs stacked on the other.


To perform side kicks, kick your upper leg toward the ceiling slowly until they are upright while squeezing your abs and glutes. Keep this position for a few seconds and return your leg to the starting position. Switch sides and repeat.


Spine Stretch

Spine stretch is a great Pilates exercise as well as an ideal addition to any hot workout routine likely to cause muscle tension or soreness. Hence, it is a great option for individuals bothered with back or other chronic pain.



To perform spine stretch, sit on a mat with your legs straight and feet shoulder-width apart. Reach your arms out forward until extended and parallel with the floor while curling your spine and head forward into a C curve. Hold this position for a few seconds and reverse.







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