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Nine Potential Fitness Tendencies in 2021

November 27, 2020


Fitness has been the tend for years especially in 2020 when suddenly we had a large amount of time staying home in isolation or quarantine, which makes fitness familiarized for more people.

In the next coming year, fitness still will be the trend in our life but some variation my occur just like the technology develop and evolve every year. The following thoughts and ideas all come form some professionals in the health or fitness industry, who play vital roles in their respective fields. Namely, they are the group of fitness enthusiasts who will be determining how we will work out in 2021 and beyond.


Nine Potential Fitness Tendencies in 20211. HIIT workouts will continue to develop

What is HIIT workouts? When talking about HIIT, that is the question that probably cross your mind. HIIT is the short for High-intensity interval training workouts, which is really great for people who want to burn fat in a short period of time. Technically, a twenty-minute high-intensity workout is actually more effective and efficient than an-hour running on treadmill. More importantly, the former not has only reached a better performance but also saved forty minutes, which really matters especially for people with tight pace of life.


The researches suggest that it is the intensity of of the workout instead of the duration

that will be deciding the desired results. Therefore, A 30-minute or even shorter format will be more and more popular with people of all professions. Overall, the shorter and more intensive workouts are the trend in the future.


2. Incorporation of various types of exercises contributes to continuous workouts

Workouts incorporation means adding multiple types of workout, such as resistance training, strength training or aerobic training, into one hot workout session, which will make the plane and simple exercise diversified. From the clients’ perspective, on the other hand, Over repeating on the same workout may be not good for body because only some same parts of your joints and tendon are involved. Therefore, the format of combining different types of fitness will become more and more popular.


3. The modality of fitness equipment will change

In the past few years, we could see some apparent shifts in the types of fitness items for both personal and gym workouts. Getting in shape and building muscle are the most common goals that drive people to keep training, so that high intensity training like strength training and weight training have always been popular with people, which ensures the extensive application of barbells, dumbbells and weight vest. However, due to the faster and faster lifestyle and the quarantine, smaller fitness items such as resistance bands, foam rollers, sliders, jump ropes, etc, are becoming a0n inseparable and necessary part of more and more people’s life.


Small equipment are lightweight and portable, which fits very well into intense lifestyle with limited space and time. You can have a recovery or relaxation exercise anytime anywhere with just a yoga mat or a resistance band taken from your pocket or bag. Unlike heavy equipment for weight training, most small equipment are more for the purpose of rehabilitation and relaxation in both physical body and mind. Therefore, it not not likely to cause muscle strain or mental stress. 

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