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Massage tools: massage gun vs foam roller vs massage stick

September 26, 2021


What are the differences of massage effects of foam roller, massage gun, and massage stick? In this part, we will discuss the issues related to them, like the benefits, suitable groups, prices, and the products themselves. 

Foam rollers vs foam roller

Foam rollers are always the best selling products either based on the global trading data or ourselves’ experience. There must be some reasons. As we all know, compared with the price of the cheapest massage gun, the price of a premium foam roller is still the worthiest, and the most affordable. What is more, if you are the one who both own a foam roller and a massage gun, you will tell the differences easily. You might have different feelings, also muscle relax and recovery both in the short run and in the long run. Among them, you may notice that the biggest difference is during the process you use them. That is, when you are using a foam roller, there is an interaction between you and your foam roller, like stretching, using your weight to move the roller, etc. , and when you use a massage gun, there is no such thing, in other word, not labour-some, you just need to sit in your sofa or lying down, and move your arms. So, you can easily come to a conclusion that a foam roller is good for adults who live a sedentary lifestyle, because after a long-time working, their muscles are stiff, and sore, so, it is better to do some workouts, and a foam roller that needs your weight to roll it and work with it becomes a better choice. While, a massage gun is good for the elderly.


Massage tools: massage gun vs foam roller vs massage stick

What are the benefits of using a foam roller?

One of the greatest benefits is stretching. There is a Chinese saying that, a foot long tendon, a year long life. Here are the good things if you do stretching everyday.

1. Relieve excessive tension muscle groups, promote blood circulation, waste metabolism, nutrient delivery; 

2. Prevent muscle fiber or tendon damage;

3. Help increase the range of activities, movement standards, improve training effect, muscle growth stimulation;

4. Relax nerve muscle efficiency, enhance exercise performance;


Massage gun

Massage gun, because of motors, batteries, materials, brands are different, the prices vary from hundreds to thousands, a non-essential, stretching, massage can solve most of the problems, the elderly may not be convenient to move, artificial massage price is also expensive, comprehensive examination, massage gun is still very cost-effective.  

Speed (frequency), different brands in 2400-3500 rpm range, the higher the speed of the most advanced, the greater the intensity. In terms of amplitude, different brands range from 10-16mm to shorter, with less effect on large muscle groups and deeper muscles.


What are the benefits of using a massage gun?

1, A certain local weight loss effect, muscle fat in the subcutaneous exercise and consume a lot of fat and produce heat energy out of the body;

2, With comfort, live blood, communication, degree massage effect, the individual does not have the requirements of professional and technical personnel;

3, Its high-frequency oscillation effect can go through the deep muscle, so that the skeletal muscle instantly relaxed, blood flow;

4, Effectively avoid the hand skin contact with the others' skin, avoid contact skin diseases;

Massage stick

A massage stick is like a non-electric stick-shaped massage gun, and a simple version of foam roller. The prices might be the lowest among these above two products. It is suitable to roll arms, legs. They are for all age groups. Massage sticks are very effective in relieving muscle fascias, traditional massage sticks are simpler, massage sticks are fixed balls, is very creative use of DIY design. The handles on both sides can be removed, and massage balls of different sizes in the middle can be adjusted in order. 

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