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Massage Balls: Spiky vs Lacrosse vs Cold Massage Rollers

October 22, 2021

Massage ball variety in types, in general can be divided into spiky massage ball,which shapes are round or peanut shape, while the lacrosse massage balls are always round shapes, and the cold massage rollers consist of a round ball and a base that contains the ball. What are the overall benefits of using them? The practices of traditional Chinese medicine have told us that the Regular and targeted use helps regeneration, allows the relaxation of myofascial tensions and therefore better performance of the neuromuscular system. For localised application and massage of deep postural muscles, also suitable for massaging arms, neck and feet. As a well-known tools, many supplier and buyers purchase them in large quantity, and also become a hot-selling product. we will compare these three items through materials, appearances, and functions in the article.

Cold Massage Roller

What are the materials of massage balls

In general, there are three raw materials for massage balls, PVC, silicon, EVA, rubber materials are commonly used on the surface of massage balls, and hard massage balls such as cold massage rollers and hedgehogs are made of PVC. Lacrosse massage balls can be PVC materials often appear to have a softer texture of rubber material, but also simple rubber material, but the corresponding price is higher. Cold massage roller, with a more unique appearance, material and spiky massage ball and lacrosse massage ball have nothing in common at all, is made of PP and resin.

Spiky Massage Ball vs Lacrosse Massage Ball

Spiky massage balls and Lacrosse massage balls are both round or peanut shape. The round one is for single trigger point for legs and arms, The spiky massage ball, just like its name, have piercing spines on the surface, it is hard so it is suitable for body parts that are not sensitive. So, for this type, we do not recommend very much, and most importantly, it can not be used by kids, because it is so hard that may make you uncomfortable. What is different is that the Lacrosse massage balls always have smooth or textured surface. And for some types are covered by rubber, and this is the type suitable for all groups. They are also can be called as deep muscle massage ball, self myofascial release massage ball. The peanut shape balls are good for spine, so you can use them after a tiring day, what you need is just lying flat and roll the back.

Cold Massage Roller

It is totally different from the two massage balls above. So, let us talk about it in a separated paragraph. The ball of the roller is an beautiful ice-like ball, the base is hollow inside, so we you use it you can just hold the base. It is more convenient than the other two types above. It is more like a cheap non-electrical massage gun. Due to its appearance, it is popular between youths and young adults.


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