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Keep on Pulling and Pushing

November 18, 2020


Due to the huge impact of COVID-19, outdoor workouts become inconvenient and impractical while home workouts have never been so popular than before because they are not only efficient but also simple enough to perform. Home workouts do not have to be as complicated as the exercise we do in a gym. Instead, we may focus most of our time and energy on some so-called basic exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, squats, etc. The fundamentals are necessary for us to keep our bodies in a good condition and very important for keeping fit. Here we will discuss push-ups and pull-ups below in more detail.


Keep on Pulling and PushingPush-ups

Push-ups are probably the most convenient training of all and it is a perfect workout to perform at home, particularly during the COVID-19 quarantine. The following are some tips and guidance to make the push-ups exercises more challenging but more efficient.


■    Slow down every motion throughout

■    Try to work out one side at a time

■    Add a weight vest or wrist vest

■    Compress the time for break

■    Incorporate group exercises

■    Repeat more times


Also, you can have a yoga mat in your push-ups exercise to increase grip control and provide more security in case of sweaty palms. And be reminded that push-ups are the fundamentals before you get into other complicated workouts and they are worth your time and energy. Therefore, keep on pushing, and you will continue to benefit from the exercise.



In addition to pushing, pull-ups are another significant workout that we can perform at home. What is different from push-ups is that pulling may not be as convenient as pushing to perform. So, let us check out what components are necessary and essential for a home pulling workout.


Technically, pull-ups may be carried out only with the help of any overhead objects that are firm and hard enough to take your body weight. Pull-ups mainly depend on the muscle of the upper limb, is the most basic exercise for back training. What we need to note for pulling is that pull-ups are not simple movements as bending your arms and pulling the bar. Instead, the first step is to relax your shoulder blades and contract the muscle.


Keeping on push-ups and pull-ups will benefit us a lot. Push-ups are comprehensive exercises that engage triceps, abdominal muscles, back muscles, pectoralis major and other muscle groups. Keeping on push-ups for some time can stretch the shoulder, strengthen the arms, abdomen, chest muscles, making the body more symmetrical and straight.

As mentioned above, push-ups and pull-ups strengthen the major muscles of body, providing body the strength and muscle memory to stretch forward and preventing trips.

Natural aging will lead to the degeneration of nerves and muscles. From age of 20 to 70 years old, the body function decline by 30%, but regular exercise can make muscle fibers thicker, so as to make the remaining muscles more powerful, reduce the physiological aging of the human body. Therefore, push-ups and pull-ups can prevent aging. Furthermore, push-ups can improve the central nervous and the ability to exercise.


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