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Jump Rope Workout for Beginners

May 24, 2021


Rope jumping is a bodybuilding workout which has a great deal of benefit such as improving cardiopulmonary system, enhancing coordination, weight loss, etc. Most importantly, It is a workout suitable for all ages. This article is mainly aimed at jump rope beginners, and help them quickly master the skills of skipping rope and avoid some wrong positions.

Firstly, we will introduce How to Jump Rope:

Stand naturally, with your ankles slightly staggered, facing forward, and looking at the front about 3 meters;Jump Rope

Keep your upper arms close to your body, bend your elbows slightly outwards, move your palms toward you or swing the rope with your wrists downwards, and draw a circle on the side of your body, The rotation of the rope should be constant and rhythmic;

With the toes touching the ground (this can relieve the impact on the knee, reduce the damage to the soft tissue and the vibration and damage to the ankle), and the movement should be as light and flexible as possible;

Relaxing your shoulders and tighten your waist and abdomen. When you jump up, your body should be bent naturally (the calf should not be stretched, or it will be super tired and thickened after a really short period). At the same time, breathing should be natural and rhythmic. When skipping rope, pay attention to shutting up. 

Prevent teeth from knocking on the tongue;

Jump Rope Length

How long should a jump rope be? For beginners, here are some tips to determine the right jump rope length for you.

Firstly, keep your body upright, step on the middle point of the rope body with one foot, and pull the two skipping rope handles upward at the same level, this is the rights preparation position;

Then, the altitude of handling is equal to your chest. This length of the skipping rope is the most suitable for you;

As the level of skipping rope improves, the length of the rope can be adjusted appropriately;

Wrong Postures that you need to pay attention to 

Here are some wrong rope skipping postures, if you are a jump rope beginners, pay attention to these:

Unfixed location, if you are jumping on a no fixed place of the ground, you will get tired easily;

Landing on your full feet or on the back heels, without a buffer type landing, the impact on the knees is very large and bad;

Jumping too high, bending the knee too much;

Use your whole arms to swing, entire arm is involved in the rope swing that consumes unnecessary energy;

After skipping rope, don't be lazy and do some stretching exercises, such as calf stretching, lower back stretching, which can relax the muscles, make the lines slender, relieve fatigue. Do some stretches, you will feel fresh the next day; 

Rope Skipping vs Running

Which is better and effective? Let us see some accurate date, you will know clearly.

Running: 8 kilometers per hour (8MET) 480 kcal; 11 kilometers per hour (11MET) 660 kcal; 12 kilometers per hour (12.5MET) 750 kcal. 

Rope Jumping: slow skipping rope (8MET) 480kcal; medium speed skipping rope (10MET) 600kcal; fast skipping rope (12MET) 720kcal.

In short, skipping rope maintains a person's heart rhythm at approximately the same level as jogging, but it can prevent the pain of knee and ankle joints caused by running. And also it is a simple, convenient, and easy-to-participate sport.

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